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One of the best toys my DS has ever received is the Fisher Price Little People Castle. It has a King, Queen and a horse.

My DS received it or his 1st birthday and still plays with it up to know. He’s now 3 years old. He has found many different ways to play with the characters everytime. He even mixes playing them with blocks, cars and other toys.

It’s a wonderful toy that encourages imaginative and dramatic play. DS has named each character from family members to friends. It’s one of the best investment in toys we ever made.

adding his characters

He’s learned to make stories up and express himself with playing pretend. The Little People Castle was a good way to start our now growing collection.

It’s best for children ages 1 and up. They’ll love it for as long as they’re imagination will take them. =)

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A while back I’ve written a post on how to survive a car trip with a toddler. Yesterday, I was able to drive around just with my daughter to run a few errands without the men. Then it got me thinking, it’s not that easy to be alone with an infant, but it helps when you’re prepared and ready just in case anything comes up.

The following we’ve learned from our own experiences with both children and we’ll keep adding on as they come up. They’re tips we’ve used to avoid long drives with an crying infant, or just things that made our life easier and made our children safer.

1. Install a child rearview mirror. You will need this to see your child often from the driver’s seat without breaking your neck (or getting in a car accident).

2. Pack the car. Store extra clothes, diapers, wipes, water, snacks, medicine, etc. This will make sure you don’t have to keep driving home or to the store for things you ran out from the diaper bag. And it can save you money too.

3. Keep coupons in the car. We get them in the mailer all the time at home and we get upset when we never get to use it because we forgot all about them. It was helpful to start putting coupons in an envelope to keep either in the glove compartment or on the side door compartment.

4. Talk to your child. It doesn’t matter how old your child is. Talking to them while you’re driving not only builds important language skills but it also reassures them that you’re with them. Make up silly stories and silly rhymes. It will make your drive much more fun.

5. Listen to the classics. Turn on the radio and listen to the classical station. Our children also enjoys the jazz station. Classical music not only stimulates the brain, but also encourages early appreciation for music.

6. Use window blinds. One of the reason an infant will start crying is when they get sun in their eyes. There are also a variety of pull up shades that go on the side windows and even on the rear window to keep the sun’s rays away from your child . Another solution is using a thin blanket that can go over the the carseat carrier and over the back seat as a sun shade.

7. Bring a light. At night, it’s a wonderful idea to have a travel light to keep the little one occupied and happy. We use clip on LED reading lights and clip it on the top of her carrier. We’ve also used tap lights for the dollar store, they work great!

8. Put the carseat on the rear passenger side. This make lots of sense if you have only one child. When you need to take her out of the carseat, you are in the curb side of the street.

9. Bring a baby sling. The baby sling not only makes it easy for you to walk around while you’re doing errands. But you can also use this to put your child to sleep.

10. Plan out your trip. Try to pick the stores that have easy parking and clean restrooms just in case you need to change the baby. It’s also helpful to pick stores that allow or for you to bring the carts outside(some dont) to ease you off the weight of the carrier.

Hope these tips were helpful. Feel free to add any more in my comments if you have other ideas. Have a great wednesday!

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Those disposable diaper bags are such great help to get rid of stinky diapers. I normally get mine from Babies r Us. But you know what works just as good? Those see-through bags in the produce section of the grocery store.

No,I don’t take their bags without asking. Hubby bought me a roll from Smart and Final. It’s for $20 for 1600 pcs. Compare that to $7 from 250 disposable bags from Babes r Us.

I figured, they go to the trash anyway, why pay more money for them!

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