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We knew that this day would come. You know, the day when our children would start asking “why?” for the millionth time. Yes we knew, but were we prepared? We didn’t really have a clue, until it happened.

The very first day our dear son asked “Why?”, my husband had a wonderful idea… instead of asking “why?” we told DS to only ask “How come?” It was totally cute of him to be starting of his questions like, “How come we’re going here?” or “How come the Pixter is not working?”

I guess I really wasn’t anticipating that many questions. Then again, he was my son after all, of course he talked a lot. Ha! And from that day, he did ask a lot of “How comes?”

There are times when I would feel tired of thinking about the answers to his many questions. Without really much thought, I would give him a plain answer just to satisfy his inquiring little mind. Then recently, I’ve been feeling guilty and hoping I could turn back time. My mommy switch needs to be re-calibrated. I HAVE to put plenty of thought to our children’s questions, ALL the time.

I remember my parents telling me how I kept asking “Why?” all the time when I was a child. It may just be plain curiosity, but I NOW realize that it’s the best opportunity to teach him some valuable information.

Children are like sponges after all. This is something we learned from our son first hand as time passed by. In all his silliness, he’s like a little scientist. He loves knowing how things work and being able to put into practice what he discovered.

They’ll soon grow up and stop asking for our input on things, but until then, we’ll try to give them the best explanation we can.

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