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Here are a couple of things that we found very helpful on our trip to Las Vegas las week. For our daughter, we brought a pool floatie called Swim Steps. For the most part, she enjoyed being on this floatie and stayed in with no problem. It was fun tugging her around the pool and seeing her have fun.


There was no way we could’ve fit her Jumperoo in the car, but we knew she needed something to keep her entertained. We stopped by the closest Walmart and picked up a Jenny Jump Up by Evenflo. It hung over a door frame and is very portable. And for under $20, it was a great value. This jumper allows for her to turn around which is different from her Jumperoo. The best part of it was that she loved it a lot.


For our son, I packed him a trip backpack. It contained watercolors, paper, fingerpaints, craft scissors, erasers, a pen, clay, crayons, a toy phone, some candy, a small lego set, a bouncy ball, scotch tape, writing tablet, a dry erase marker and a Nintendo DS game (Smart Boys). It kept him busy throughout our vacation. It was also a great activity bag we were able to use in the restaurants when we ate out.

3 yr old survival kit

aaron likes his own DS game

We also passed by a Borders and DS talked his dad to buying him these blocks. It’s called My Soft World City by Edushape. I thought it was pretty expensive for $21.99, but at least he played with it until he fell asleep everyday.


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