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When children start going to school, they’ll start bringing lots of art work home. What’s a parent supposed to? Do you keep all their work, or secretly trash them when the kids are asleep?

Well, my DS is still not in school, that’s why I still ooh and ahh with every work of art that comes out of his little brilliant mind. Ok, maybe that will change. But I’m constantly amazed about my children’s development and every proof of that needs to be highlighted and saved.

Just like many other parents out there, we don’t have enough room on our fridge for every drawing. I realized that taking photos of the artwork is the best solution for saving his artwork without the mess. Once their creation have been photographed the following tips can be used to make them last forever (okay, maybe not forever, but longer)

1. A digital file- Save it as a screensaver for your computer, or put it in a digital picture frame.

2. A gallery and share the work-You can upload pictures in photosharing websites such as Flickr and Shutterfly.

3. A postcard, greeting card or notecard- Personalized greetings make a wonderful present during the holiday season.

4. A useful gift-Personalize everyday useful items such as mugs, calendars, mousepads and totebags with an original creation made by your child.

5. A photobook- It’s like keeping all the artwork, but less bulky, since all the pages are thinner and in book form.

I hope these tips helped. If you have other ideas, fell free to comment below.

But until each creation have to come down, try using this cool frame tape, Do-Frame sold at Chocosho.com


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