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After dropping off our son in Pre-K, I got overwhelmed with thoughts of what of kind of snacks to pack him everyday for school. I wish I had more time to plan out different options instead of panicking and over spending at the store.

Here are a few suggestions to help out busy parents if they have no ideas for snacks. They are readily available at grocery stores.

You can choose ones that have less salt, less fat and more organic than others. Most of them are already individually packed so you can just easily stick them in your child’s bag. Others you might have to put in a ziploc bag or another small container. Hope the list helps!

Goldfish Crackers
Cheez-It Crackers
Graham Crackers
Wheat Crackers
Animal Crackers
Yogurt Cups
Yugurt Smoothies
Fruit cups
Fresh fruit
String cheese
Granola Bars
Cereal Bars
Natural Fruit Snacks
Jello Cup
Pudding Cup
Chocolate Milk

Of course, if you have time, you can make some of these snacks yourself at home, and you will for sure save more money.

I’ll be making another post about more snacks you can make at home soon.

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