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This is a repost for my sister in law who requested a link… here you go Reyna…

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When people found out we had a girl succeeding our boy, they said, “Wow, now you have one of each, that’s perfect!” And then of course, they follow it up with, “So is that it for you guys?” And then I answer no, which I’ll be writing about in a completely different entry.

There are several moms I know who wishes they have one of each as well. I told them that DD was planned, almost completely to the exact day of her birth. I’ve heard about diets and positions. We used an ovulation calendar I found online. Unfortunately, after we got pregnant, I had the toughest time to find the page. I failed to bookmark it, not realizing it would be difficult to find it later. Although it’s not the exact one we used, I did find something similar just the other day. It’s on Momswhothink.com. Although it may not work for everybody, it did work for us.

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