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Their shirt on backwards, their shoes on the wrong feet, unmatching attire… What do these scenarios have in common? Well, this is probably how your toddler would look after they’ve dressed themselves.

I’ve been there. Trying to prepare their clothes at night so I don’t have to hurry the following day to find an outfit that would match. But for some reason, something always comes up that they don’t always look exactly how I imagined them to be. It might be waking up late from not having a good sleep the night before. Or a spilt drink on that nice shirt right after they’ve put them on. Whatever it is, these are some incidents that has caused me to lose focus and forget things.

I still lay out DS’s clothes and I remind him where they are after he steps out of the shower. Since I have a hundred other things to get ready before we leave the house, I often let him finish dressing himself up. May times, he will put on his clothes just like I would, but other times, he chooses to wear his shirt backwards. He knows which shoes go on which foot, but insists to wear them the wrong way. The other day, he found his daddy’s socks and wanted to wear them to his grandma’s house and thought they were so cool.

For a while, I was still trying to correct him. But then again, I don’t always have the time to keep redoing or undoing his clothes, so I just let him.

As it turns out, it’s a good thing. He likes being independent. He’s proud that he can dress himself without help. This is also a way for him to express his individuality, no matter how silly he might look.

So if you’re like me, just your child some space. They know the right way to dress, just let them exercise their independence. Besides, this means there’s less to worry about, and you’re helping in your child’s development. So the next time you see mismatched clothing on your bright happy child, don’t stress, just give him a high five instead!

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