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The Hello Kitty Party is the party I’ve been concocting in my head since I found out we were pregnant with a girl. At last, I found a reason to celebrate Hello Kitty style without anyone thinking I may be too old for Hello Kitty.

It’s been about 2 weeks already since the party, and I still have thank you cards to finish. It was so great. So many wonderful people came to celebrate with us. We had a great time catching up with old friends and also had a blast entertaining the kiddies.

Aaron was old enough to play along the games with the older kids and Elle (the birthday girl) had fun walking around and getting chased by everybody.

So here are the pictures from the party…


Her name was die-cutted, traced, cut, traced and cut again.


The decorations included some flower balloons wrapped around the poles and inflatable Hello Kitty everywhere.


This was the table before the cake arrived.


It had many strawberry cream filled treats like cookies and wafers.

I made some Hello Kitty shaped rice krispies. They were decorated with skittles and icing.

Her cake was simple. It was topped with a Hello Kitty candle. I didn’t want to make a cake in the actual shape of Hello Kitty and then have it all cut up in pieces.


My brother in law made cupcakes and were topped with Hello Kitty cupcake rings. They doubled as a small party favor.


For the games we had pin the bow on the Hello Kitty and a spoon relay game.


We finished the games with a Hello Kitty Star pinata game.

Hello Kitty Surprise Balls

Some of the prizes included these Hello Kitty surprise balls I made. They had small toys wrapped in layers of crepe paper.


The giveaways for the girls were these very cute Hello Kitty sippy cups.


The boys received toys wrapped in scrapbook paper.

I could have gone a little bit more over the top, but I didn’t. Maybe next time? hmmmnnn…

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We’ve finally picked up a few things for DD’s 1st Birthday…
And here’s a small sneak peek of what we have so far…

Hello Kitty Jello Pudding Cups

There’s still so much to do….how exciting!

And Bakerella just so happened to have posted these today! yay!

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Hello Kitty Mania

Mommy's loot from the Sanrio Store
I love Hello Kitty! The car parked next to me earlier had red HK seat covers on. I had cute baby blue ones (to match the color of my car). I think mine were cuter! =P

Having a daughter to share this fascination is much more fun. I’m now getting inspired to theme her 1st birthday in Hello Kitty goodness! I found this blog and I got a few ideas!

House of Kitty

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