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One place we’ve always found inexpensive presents for birthdays and holidays is the bookstore. And with that I mean Borders and Barnes and Noble. Their bargain section is awesome. The other day, I bought 3 presents and an awesome Dinosaur book for DS at a great price.

Dinosaur Book

The dinosaur book alone retails $27.00, since it’s the pop up Dinosaurs by Sabuda and Rienhart. I got it for $7.99. The total value of everything I got was $77.00, but all four items only cost me $22.69 including tax. What a cool deal!

I’ll be stocking up on more stuff for the holidays, woohoo! For more Works for Me Wednesdays, go to Rocks in My Dryer!

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Personalized Gifts

Here are a couple of cool unique presents, or even just for your own collections. You can go to the following websites and make personalized items. I think it’s so awesome that you can now do these on your own!

1. My MMs-– This one is what I’ve seen around the longest. People have been using them for party favors using the dates and names of he event. Just today, I saw an add saying you can even put your picture on it. How cool is that?

2. My Fruit Rollups-There are preloaded images available for you to pick and choose from. Then you can personalize the sentiment on the roll up for your special occasion.

3. My Jones Soda- I’ve always been a fan of their soda. It’s very unique how each label is a photo submission from a fan. Now you can order you own 12 packs case with your photo on the label. Yay!

4. Kellog’s Cereal Box- How come I haven’t seen this before? I think this is the most genius way to make your kids not skip breakfast? Imagine, your face in a cereal box, next to Tony the Tiger!

5. Shutterfly Photo Adventure book- There are many websites offering services to personalize a storybook with your child’s info in it. I like Shutterfly’s version better because you can also include the face of the child in the story.

6. Cafepress- I love Cafepress! It’s an oldie but goodie. You can always find something for every topic. Or if you want something specific, make a design of your own!

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