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Want to update your wardrobe but don’t want to spend too much on it, well I have a few suggestions for you. The following are my favorites.

1. H & M- They have the very current trends, from accessories to sweaters. They have plenty of beautiful items that are between $10-20. Yes even sweaters!

2. Forever 21- How can you not love Forever 21. It’s the best place to shop for a last minute outfit if you have a party to go to. Clothes are wearable and affordable.

3. Reference- It’s owned by Forever 21 but the styles a little different. I love the new styles they come up with and the combinations on display are always creative.

4. Steve and Barry’s- Home of the inexpensive fashion line. Once in a while they would have sales that every item is $8.98. But for the most part, almost everything is under $25.

5. WetSeal- I stayed away from this store for a while. They still have some items that are a little pricey, but they have wonderful sales!

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