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Last week, CVS had a special deal on Huggies diapers. $9.99 per jumbo pack. If you spend over $25 on the diapers, you get $10 ECBs. I scanned my CVS card before I bought the diapers and received a $5 off coupon for any $25 purchase at the store. I also found one $1 off coupon for any Huggies diaper pack so here’s my scenario:

3 packs of Huggies (@$9.99 each)= $30 (roughly)
– $1 off coupon= $29
– $5 off in store coupon= $24
– $10 ECBS (good for next purchase) = $14 for 3 packs of diapers (or a little less than $5 per pack)

Pretty good huh?

By the way, Winkflash has another flat rate book deal. $19.99 for up to 10×8 100 pages. Use promo code BOOKEM9. Man, I wish i have more photos to print. Boo!

The other day at Costco, I spotted a special deal for Starbucks gift cards. They have 5 $20 Starbucks gift cards for $80. That’s a savings of $20, woohoo!

I also found another valuable coupon looking through some receipts from Vons. They have a $5 off coupon toward any gift card purchase after a participating Proctor and Gamble $20 purchase at the store. This will come handy for presents for birthdays and other special occasions.

Finally, are you looking for affordable entertainment? DVD Play kiosks at grocery stores are now offering $1.00 movies for a limited time. And you can rent one movie for $1.00 and get a 2nd movie FREE. How? Enter the promo code TWO when prompted at the kiosk. Easy peasy!

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