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I haven’t posted for a while… It’s been pretty busy here lately.  

Here’s a little update.

The kiddies got sick all last week and still a little sick this week.  

DH started teaching this week.  He’s very excited with this year’s batch of students. He said they seem so fun and they’ve got jokes! ha!

I’ve been suffering through what I think is Restless Leg Syndrome.  I’ve been coping by putting a pillow in between my legs at night.

My physical therapy sessions ended today. The therapist was so sweet, after I said goodbye, she gave me a big hug.

DD has been crawling…slowly…but she’s getting to where she wants to go… It’s so exciting!

Crawling Elle


Another thing keeping me busy is trying to put together “A Happy Mommy Ezine” for September. Watch out for more info.

Finally, in regards to my last post, I’m hustling to get as much photo pages ready to get printed to meet the September 16 deadline for the Winkflash photobook deal

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