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I never really celebrated Halloween growing up, being taught it was a pagan holiday. Now, finally a parent, I figured, there’s no reason to keep my children away from Halloween. I believe that there’s no harm on letting them dress up and have fun with other kids. But as parents, its our responsibility to let them know what’s good and bad, at any age.

I still refuse to let my children dress up in any Scary or Dark characters. So far, Aaron’s dressed up as a pirate on his 1st Halloween and as Supen Aaron on his 2nd one.

Halloween 06

Halloween 07

This year, DH already got him a very cute costume to wear. I can’t wait to show you how adorable he is in it… it’s a surprise!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking what kid friendly costumes are easy to find and wear for Halloween this year. I’ve come up with a few characters and their costumes are simple and you might just need a t-shirt some fabric paint and just extra accessories to complete the costume.


1. Super Why- You’ll need a green short sleeved shirt with a blue long sleeve shirt. A green craft foam can be made into a mask. A blue fabric can be used as a cape.

2. Joe (from Blues Clues)- You can use any plain colored long sleeve shirt. Then you can decorate it with felt squares or paint. Any pair of khaki pants will complete the costume.

3. The Wiggles- How easy is this? A Red, Blue, Yellow or Purple turtle neck will do. Then you find black pants, and you’re a Wiggle!

4. Bert and Ernie- Striped shirts and plain colored turtle necks can create these characters. Drawing stripes on shirts with fabric markers or paint will also work well.

5. Cheetah Girls- The essential item to this costume is a Cheetah patterned top. Then you can accessorize with matching pants, hair clips, jewelry, etc.

6. Ni Hao Kailan- Kailan has a blue tank top and orange shorts. Her hair is tied up in two buns with red hair clips.

7. Dora the Explorer- She wears her trademark purple shirt and orange shorts. You can find a matching purple backpack as an accessory.

8. Handy Manny- Manny wears a green shirt, jeans and a red and white hat. A yellow utility belt and a tool box will be cute and can double as a treat bag.

9. Diego- You’ll need a light blue shirt, dark blue pants and a khaki vest for his costume. If you can find an orange back pack, it can be his Rescue pack.

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