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Club 33

DH clebrated his 31st birthday at Club 33 in Disneyland.

We had mostly a different group of people that came this time, but it was a blast nonetheless. It was nice to be in the company of people that we knew and even of those we just barely met but are all Disney fanatics!

Birthday Club
We made it to the park at noonish and picked up a Fast Pass for Indiana Jones. Then we enjoyed our wonderful lunch at Club 33.

Birthday boy

I think I overstuffed myself with the smoked salmon bruschetta with cream cheese and capers. Then I realized I order salmon for lunch…eeek! All good though. Then came our little chocolate overdose for the dessert.

Delicious Dessert buffet

After lunch we picked up another fast Pass for the Haunted mansion and headed for Toy Story in DCA. That was one long line, but it was well worth the wait.

The group wanted to ride the roller coaster, but I needed to sit so I stayed behind and chatted with DH’s friend from JH.

I went with DH to pick up another friend from the entrance and she told us about the best inexpensive ribs in DCA and she was sooo right.

We then regrouped to ride Tower of Terror together. I was soooo scared. I dislike rides that have long drops, but I had to do it, for DH.

Totally frightened!

One of DH’s friends made us a reservation to the Storyteller’s Cafe at the California Hotel at 9, so we decided to have a late dinner.

Chocolate Mickey Mouse Mousse

Ok, so after 3 meals and 2 rides, I was kapooped. At the end of it all, Hubby had a wonderful birthday and I feel all gitty having been to Club 33 again!

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