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These are tough times, and everyone is trying to stretch their budgets, but it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp out on celebrating with your Valentine. Here are a few ideas on celebrating without breaking the bank.

1. When going out for dinner, go at “off peak” hours. Try brunch or lunch. And make sure you scope the local restaurants for special deals. Go through local magazines, mailers, etc.

2. Make your own Valentine’s card. Instead of buying one, grab a pen, cardstock and some markers. Draw a big heart on the outside and write how you feel on the inside. It’s more personal and it will save you a few bucks as well.

3. Eat in. Cook for your valentine. Try to recreate your favorite restaurant food at home by looking for the recipes online. Or if you absolutely prefer the food from the restaurant, order it to go. You can save money from the drinks, dessert and tip.

4. Rent a movie. Many movies can now be rented for one dollar. Pick a classic or something that shows your love story. Make sure you have plenty of snacks.

5. Agree to a gift maximum. It’s okay to give each other presents, but discuss the amount you can spare in your budget, and stick to it!

6. Make a homemade Valentines gift. Make a music cd, a slideshow, a homemade movie, a scrapbook or even a cake for your special someone.

7. Split a meal. Talk about being economical and romantic at the same time. Enjoy each other’s company and share wonderful food together.

8. Read poetry. Hang out at a bookstore and pick a poetry book. Read to each other as you sip your favorite coffee or frappuccinos.

9. Say I LOVE YOU. Many times, we get caught up with the hustle and bustle of this Hallmark holiday. Don’t forget to tell them you love them and why you do. It’s that simple!

Whatever you do, just have fun! And remember, things are exactly that, just THINGS! Moments are more precious!

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Dates for $10 or less

With the high cost of living nowadays, it may seem hard to find an economical way to spend time with your loved one. The following is a list of things you can do on a date that won’t break your budget.

1. Play foosball, air hockey, or skeeball- It’s fun to play games and get excited about winning or catching up.

2. Go to a bookstore- Read each other a story, article or a poem from an interesting book or magazine while sipping some frapuccinos.

3. Go to the grocery- Purchase some midnight snacks to watch at home while watching a video.

4. Go to a tourist spot- Spend $5 dollars each for a souvenir for each other.

5. Go to a karaoke bar- Sing to your hearts content and just pay for a drink or two.

6. Go rent a bowling lane- Some bowling alleys still charge $10 or less to rent a lane per hour.

7. Go to a park or playground – You can catch some fresh air, lie on the grass or push each other on the swing.

8. Go to a museum or garden- Bring a camera. Take pictures of interesting items and exhibits.

9. Go to a free classical concert or play- Check your local papers for listings of events happening around you.

10. Go to a thrift store- Purchase a vintage item for each other like a funky hat or glasses.

Who ever said fun had to be expensive? What’s important is the company, your attitude and the memories you’ll share.

~kristine munda

Any other $10 Date ideas you want to share. Feel free to leave a comment.

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