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I don’t really like coffee.

The only time I’ve ever drank coffee straight is when I had to when I was a kid once and didn’t have any other options since it was the only drink available to keep me from choking on my food.

As an adult, I’ve managed to drink coffee with my fraps or desserts. But I prefer not to. I will choose chocolate over coffee anytime. =)

I’ve heard of people bouncing off the walls and I’ve seen co-workers acting weird after having so much coffee. I guess that’s what too much caffeine can do to you.

Recently, I started taking Excedrin for migraines. DH warned me to make sure I only take one dose a day because it contained caffeine enough for 1 cup of coffee. Interestingly enough, just the other night he stayed up till 5 am after taking Excedrin.

Anyway, it got me thinking, I wonder if it’s the caffeine in Excedrin that makes your migraines go away. Because if that’s the case, then should I just get a caffeine alternative if I have a migraine and don’t have Excedrin available?

So I started reading about it. As it turns out, too much caffeine in itself can even trigger migraines, along with other triggers such as hormones, stress, lack of sleep, etc.

After some research, I found out that Excedrin contains caffeine, acetaminophen and aspririn that all work together to relieve pain and improve blood flow. It is advised to avoid taking other caffeinated foods and drinks when using the drug.

So, in conclusion, CAFFEINE by itself is not a treatment for migraines. It just so happened that it is in Excedrin, Thank goodness I looked it up. =)

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