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Many people are disconnecting their landlines solely relying on their wireless service. I live in a place with all sorts of techie stuff, but I can’t seem to get rid of our landline.

Cellphones may seem like the way of the future, but I still find some disadvantages of getting rid of landlines and sticking solely to cellphones at home. Cellphones sometimes drop calls, get the battery drained easy and gets misplaced.

And besides, cellphones are for playing games, going online, texting and taking pictures, right? LOL

Good Old Fashion Telephone

Our landline is an old fashion phone hung on the wall with a long cable. Oh yeah, that’s old school. No speakerphone, no cordless, no batteries, no handsfree device whatsoever!

I love the fact that I have it by the kitchen and I get to run to it when it rings. I love holding the handset by my shoulder and face when i’m waiting on hold. I like it that i can stand next to the wall or drag the phone wherever the cable can reach when i’m using.

I love my Good Old Fashioned Telephone!

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Here are a few tips to make your shopping either at grocery stores or department store a bit more Eco-Friendly

1. Buy in Bulk- In many cases, bulk means less packaging waste
2. Choose Green- Purchase Eco friendly products such as organic or recycled or recyclable.
3. Use Recyclable Totes- Using less plastic shopping bags promotes less waste.
4. Hand Carry- After purchasing a small item, consider not asking for a bag and just stick the item inside your purse, bag or inside another shopping bag you may already have.
5. Shop Smarter- Plan your shopping trip to make sure you didn’t miss anything and have to come back again later. Driving back to the store will cause you to consume gas again that could have been avoided in the first place.

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I’m very happy that our DD and our DS eats almost everything we serve them. From fruits to veggies and all kinds of meat and seafood. But right now, they have a tendency to want to keep playing instead of sitting down to enjoy their food.

Luckily, DH and I found some kiddie plates at the 99 cents store the other day. They are character themed and have a divider allowing for us to separate the veggies or make the presentation much better. Anyway, we got a Spiderman plate for DS and a Dora plate for DD.


It’s funny, I always thought that having character themed items are only meant for looks, but as it turns out, it does help them to get eating. So with their plates, kiddie spoons and forks, our children had a fun time eating. And that works for me!

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DH got inspired by the outdoor puppet show we attended that he decided to put on a movie out in our yard. We invited some people and had pizza, popcorn, hotdogs, watermelon and other treats. The Movie pick was Finding Nemo.

Nemo Movie Night

Hubby put up 2 corners of one of our canopies and the bar that goes along one side on the yard. Then he got a white shower curtain and secured it with electrical tape to the frame. Next he brought out his new projector, the dvd player and speakers.

It turned out great! It started cooling down after 6pm. We didn’t get to watch the movie until after 8pm when it finally got dark. But it was fun to hang around and enjoy cool summer nights with friends and family.

That works for me!

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Spending fun quality time with your family doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are a few free events around us that we’ll be checking out during the summer. If you’re in the Greater LA or San Gabriel Valley area, hope you guys can drop by. If you live far away from Los Angeles, check out your local park websites and local city publications for events happening in your area!

Free Music Under the Stars at the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena (starting at 7pm, check website for days)

Concerts at the Park at the City of Arcadia (starting Thursdays at 6pm)

Free Summer Movies on the Green at the Americana at Brand (starting at 8pm on Wednesdays in July)

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1. Buy only things you need- Sometimes just because it’s a sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You’re not really saving if you’re buying things for the sake of saving money on unnecessary purchases.

2. Be creative and repurpose items- Use shipping boxes you get in the mail to wrap your presents. Use cut outs from magazines to use for scrapbooking, making cards, arts and crafts.

3. Pack your own lunch- You will easily save money by buying bulk and making your food yourself. You can also utilize reusable containers and utensils, so you’re not only saving money but the environment as well.

4. Be a smart shopper- As much as possible, don’t pay full price for items you need to buy. Use coupons, comparison shop and do your research before you buy.

By the way, did you hear? Oprah is giving away a free KFC meal? Just go to Oprah.com/kfc. offer is good only till today.

Also, you can get a free coupon for Glucerna cereal at Glucernacereal.com.
So print your coupon already!

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As the days roll by, I realize how much I need a rubber stamp with my name and some business cards.

The stamp is for my cards and crafts. (I really need a new handwriting) When I sign my work, my signature always seem to look weird.

The business cards are for my networking. I’m back on my super friendly mode nowadays and DH has been promoting my blog left and right, so maybe it is time to get me my own.

I’ve been meaning to design and print my own business cards but it’s gotten so busy around here that I haven’t had much time to do that. So I figured, I might as well order them instead.

I went to Vista Print and ordered a stamp for my cards. I love it! It’s simple but it works with my cards. All I had to do was pay for shipping. It’s still cheaper than purchasing it from an office supply store like Staples or Office Depot.

They started sending me emails of more FREE items. I ordered some business cards, mini magnets, a pen, a keychain, a hat and a shirt. The final cost for shipping
is $13.85. So awesome, and this works for me!

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A while back, I blogged about some cute Monkey Key Covers I saw online. I actually found them at Lula Mae, a local store here in Pasadena. They’re not only cute but very functional.

Since then, I’ve been using them to mark our house keys. Each different color house key goes in a keyring that has a set of car keys. Nowadays, we refer to our sets of keyrings as the Blue monkey, Purple monkey, Green monkey, etc.

Then one day, I realized that our set of keys to my parents has been in an old set of keys I use to keep for the different sunday school rooms at church. Those door locks have been changed for a long time, I just haven’t found the time to go through them.

Most of the keys in the set are unmarked and look the same. Many times when I’m trying to get into my parent’s place, I end up going through all they keys before I find the right one (which for some strange reason always tends to be the last one). And to make matters worse, they actually have two doors, so I have to find two keys.

I’ve been meaning to mark the keys, but busyness and forgetfulness has gotten the best of me, until I finally had the chance to sit down to go through the keys one day.

Yay, I found the two keys that I needed. Then, I had to mark them to make sure I knew which door was for which. But I didn’t want to use a “Monkey” key cover since I was using those for our house keys specifically. So I made handmade Key Covers.

key cover

They’re made out of water balloons. I just cut the long piece out and made a small hole for the keyring to go through it. It fits perfectly and economical too.

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I got hubby a Nintendo DS last year for father’s day. We primarily bought it for Brain Age 1 and 2. Yes, we realized we needed some brain exercises.

During a previous sale at Toys R Us, we purchased Brain Assist which is also a brain game that smaller kids can do as well. And for hubby, he was feeling a bit retro, so we got him Transformers, lol.

We figured that maybe we should have at least one game for Aaron too, because we’re sure he’d love to play with it too.

We can easily get him the games all the kids are playing with, but the very first game we got him was “Gameroom for Boys”

aaron likes his own DS game

Him being 3 years old, it was the perfect game for him. It includes 10 games for small boys like a matching game, coloring, puzzles, playing music, etc.

We’ve also gotten him a Bee Movie game for Christmas, but it’s more of an adventure game and he doesn’t get it yet.

But I’m glad he’s not really addicted to playing his DS. We took it with us to Las Vegas on our last family trip and then he plays with it once in a while. And when he does, we’re glad he plays with his Gameroom for Boys.

Thank Goodness for educational games too, and that works for me!

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Reading was never one of my favorite things to do growing up. I’m one of those people who tried to work things out without reading the instructions. At the end, I realize that reading the instructions would have made the task much easier, lol.

I’m trying to read more lately. Although I can’t imagine myself reading novels like my co-workers to pass the time, I’ve been reading a lot of magazine articles and blogs. Those count right?

As an attempt to promote reading with our kids, we’ve been taking trips to the bookstore and buying books to add to their library.

For Christmas, my brother in law gave our son a set of 3 Science books and my sister in law gave him a book to accompany his Build-A-Bear present. My mom gave him a whole set of books from Scholastic.


With all these books to add to their already growing collection, I might as well homeschool them right? haha, I wish.

We try to read to them every night, but we also try to read during the day as a good time to spend time with one another,

DS’s current favorites include “Maybe a Bear it!” Trains and Dinosaurs!” and “There were ten in the bed!”

My favorite is ” Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name!” Yes that’s the actual title of the book. I’ve never heard of that book till I saw it and I love the silliness of it! Even I’m getting excited to read all the books in their library.

Some of the books came with a music sheet so DH played them on a toy piano and I was jamming with my guitar. DS had a lot of fun singing along with us. He requested for his small guitar to pretend he was playing a violin for the songs. Even our DD was singing and trying to strum the guitar as well.

I like it that DS is beginning to incorporate reading with fun. He already has a knack for inventing songs and making up stories. I can’t wait for him to start reading and get his imagination get even more creative.

Singing and being silly can make reading fun… and that Works for Me!

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