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Okay guys, I have a Gymboree Coupon Code that Expires on 2/29/12.

This code is only valid once, so the first one that grabs this code gets the 20% off entire purchase.

Here we go…


Good luck!

Come back often as I post more coupon codes and deals =)

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Let’s Welcome the New year with a positive outlook in life!

Check out our first Video about Friendship.

Making a New Friend



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Being Thankful

I’ve always been grateful daily for every single thing that God has allowed to happen in my life and my family’s life.

It’s so cool that thanksgiving falls not too far from my birthday. It gives me a head start on listing all of God’s blessing throughout the year. And I can list the things that I want to accomplish the coming year.

This year I dedicated to being artistic and it was a success. I thank God for daily inspirations to be creative and artistic. The Lord has allowed for me to finish a book I wrote and illustrated for my daughter. The book I’m working for my son is almost finished as well.

Next year, I will be working on at least 3 more books I’ve been thinking up in my head for years and years and years.

I thank God for the continuous inspiration in everything I see, hear and experience. I thank God for my wonderful family and friends who supports me in all my endeavors. And I thank God for his loving kindness that makes everything possible!

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I did it. I re signed up for JTD Joseph the Dreamer 2011-2012.

I had to consider all the busy weekends that this commitment will mean to our family.

But after talking it over with the hubby, he mentioned that rehearsals will only be intensive during the last two months before the november pre show and one month before the actual show in 2012.

So with that in mind, and all the wonderful memories from last year’s production, I picked up the pen and signed up for another chance to be a part of JTD.

jtd dancers

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Check out my Zazzle Shop for my original artwork turned into greeting cards, how fun!

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We just finished the presentation of Joseph the Dreamer last night. It was a long day. Woke up up at 6am, got the kids ready, dropped them off at my in laws, headed to the Alex, started getting ready, 4 pm show, 8 pm show… kapooped at midnight… wow!

Some of the pictures from backstage…





Now that it’s finally over.. I feel a little relieved (that it’s finally over)… a little sad (because I will miss the cast and crew, especially the girls)… very accomplished (that we made a commitment and stuck it through the end)… extremely blessed (because it was such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this production)… and ultimately inspired (knowing that we did this as a family, means we can do anything and we’re looking forward our next project)!

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Joseph the Dreamer

It’s finally here, after months of rehearsing and hard work, the day has come… Joseph The Dreamer… this Saturday @ The Alex Theater in Glendale California.
Joseph The Dreamer

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