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I used to think this show was a little weird. The characters being bugs and all.
Then, yesterday, I had an opportunity to listen in on the show from the other room while the kids were watching it.

And I was impressed. The show emphasizes on family values. They were also bringing up situations that gives the characters opportunities to decide, make mistakes and learn from them.

I love the closeness of this little bug family. Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch is always welcome to be watched on our TV.

miss spider

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Finally Back ONline

I’m so excited that ATT U-verse is available at our new place! Waiting for it to get installed was quite an experience though.

Imagine, no internet access, no blogging, no email, no farmvilling! (Mikee told me today that all my crops are dead! hahaha!)

Then, TV with no cable or satellite! I thought we wouldn’t survive, having two small kids! But I was wrong! PBS was fine and QUBO was also available on regular tv. That kept them busy while we waited for UVERSE.

Anyway, now that we’re all installed, I discovered a Channel called Kid’s Multiview that does a preview of several kid channels and you can watch it right on the channel. So cool!

kids Multiview channel 303

On top op that, there’s a Christian kids channel called SMILE! I like it! They tell bible stories and sing old sunday school songs! Pretty Awesome!

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Dear Jon And Kate,

(just thought I’d express my opinions about the recent Jon and Kate divorce)

Dear Jon and Kate,

As one of your many viewers, we were saddened with the announcement of your divorce. We think that the rumors and the media being in your personal life had a lot to do with it, but we still can’t help but feel in shock with how things turned out.

Being a part of a church family, we hope you have been given every opportunity to go through counseling to work things out.

When we marry the person that we do, we vow “”For better, or for worse.” This being said, we shouldn’t expect everything to be all sunshine and rainbows without the gloom and the rain.

Nobody is perfect, but God can find our perfect match. When we decide to marry an individual, we marry all of them, their best, their worse, and things that come in between. It’s not up to us to change our partners others; it’s all up to them to do that. The only thing we can do is to keep them in prayer and pray that God will speak to them so they will change. When you continue to put God in the center of your marriage, you can always find comfort in knowing that God will work things out. He never allows us to go through hardship if He knows we can’t overcome.

In any relationship when everything is fine and then people change negatively, they end up hurting the ones they love. And when people are hurt it’s easy to say and do things out of anger.

So it is understandable to need the time to be apart. You can use this time to reflect, pray and seek help. You can also remember the reasons why you fell in love and the vows you took that day when you said I DO

Hard as it may seem, it’s during such trying time when love comes to play. Christ loves us so much even if we keep hurting him. Yet he constantly loves us and welcomes us back with open arms.

Your wedding is sacred and God has brought you guys together for a purpose. It’s up to you to make things work. It might take some time, but please don’t give up too easily.

You’ll be in our prayers through this difficult time for you and your family.

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Mahna Mahna

I love this song from the Muppets… so silly!

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Survivor Gabon—Bye Randy

I had a very rough day at work today. I haven’t felt this anxious since I first started taking calls when I got hired back in 2000. There was so much new stuff to learn and my head’s still spinning.

At least I have last night’s episode of Survivor to think of. It was the funniest tribal council ever! Watch it here!

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Studio DC

Disney Channel aired a little show titled “Studio DC Almost Live” the other night. It had a lot of Disney channel stars and the Muppets. It was hilarious! Anyway, DS loves the final number. Good thing I recorded it on the DVR. He sings the melody and I get to sing Beaker’s part, lol!

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New Shows

Aaron has 2 new favorite tv shows that started airing this month.

The first one is Disney Channel’s Imagination Movers. The movers consists of 4 guys who help people solve everyday problems. They’re very fun and encourage problem solving by brainstorming and using their ideas.

The second show DS can’t have enough of is PBS Kids’ Sid the Science Kid. It’s about a little boy that’s very curious and figures out the answers to his questions. It introduces Aaron to neat science concepts and he loves the singing and dancing too.


Some of my favorite series are finally back on too. Survivor Gabon and Amazing Race just started again, woohoo! They are the only reality game shows that I’ve actually followed. I’ve been considering joining the latter with DH. Then I realized how much I dislike climbing stairs, hahah! You can scratch that off my list =P

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the 60th Emmy

I had to kick myself in the butt last night. I totally forgot about the Emmy’s. It started at 8pm and We’ve been thinking there was nothing on good last night until I decided to flip through the channels. It was already 9:30 ish, urgh! Oh well, we still saw some few really good presentations. I was looking forward to see Josh Groban’s performance of the TV Theme Songs Medley. DH has mentioned this for a while. I wanted to see which shows made it to the editing room. I was thinking it would be hilarious. Thank goodness for Youtube. Yes it turned out to be a very clever arrangement. If you missed it, check it out.

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Notting Hill

Notting Hill is on USA today. I remember actually having the chance to watch it a few years back in the theater when it first came out. Just as how I remembered it, its a sweet movie. I absolutely love the relationship of Hugh Grant’s bestfriend (who was his ex) and her husband. They so love each other. I also found the dynamics of his circle of friends very entertaining.

Unfortunately, no matter how sweet the story is, I have to admit watching it was quite annoying. I thought it was so sad that Julia Robert’s character kept torturing Hugh Grant. He’s madly in love with her and she would return the feeling. Then, she would go all nutty and break his heart. And as the movie goes on, this cycle would repeat a few times.

I kept wondering, why does he keep letting her hurt him over and over. Then I realize, he must really love her. Love’s forgiving, sometimes to the point of unbelievable. At the end, they end up together. It’s still a happy ending, my kind of movie.

Anyway, it’s sort of our love story (me and my hubby, but of course in completely different circumstances). But yes, I was the one who tortured him over and over. Which of course I now regret doing. But he, as the most wonderful man ever, kept forgiving and loving.

4 years...woohoo

And just like the movie, a happy ending! I LOVE HIM!

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Dinner Impossible

On tv the other night, I was shocked to see that Chef Robert is no longer the host of the new season of Dinner Impossible. The new host is Chef Michael Symon who won Next Iron Chef. I was a little sad and didn’t know what to say at first. I was thinking that Chef Robert’s contract with Food Network is probably over but according to some blogs I read, there was a scandal about his resume.

The new host Chef Michael Symon did pretty good at the Next Iron Chef competition, so he might do well as the new challenger. So anyway, on the episode that I caught that night, I saw him did bacon on chocolate. It sounded and looked weird, but people liked it. So, I decided to try it out for myself. I figured, if they did it on food network, it can’t be that bad right?

As it turns out, it was pretty good. It was better with a thicker chocolate coating than with less. DH enjoyed it. He called it a heart attack on a strip, lol!

chocolate covered bacon

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