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Do you wonder about how to teach your preschooler to write their name, but have to do much dots so they can follow and draw over them?

Well, I was going to do the same thing but thought it was too much work, LOL!

I figured that all my preschooler needs is something that she can follow really, and nobody said it had to be dots.

I looked at their art and craft supplies and saw a highlighter. Then I realized I can use it. I can write the letters with a highlighter. It’s bright and attractive and she can draw over it just like the dots.

Of course I had to sit next to her to teach her which direction to start drawing her lines. It may be no dots, but hey, it worked for me!

My baby practicing to write her real name #handwriting #erin #writing #name

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Recycling Ribbons

Hi there! If you’re like me, you probably have scraps of ribbon lying around from packages and presents after each holiday and birthday celebration but never have the will power to toss them out.

“No! Why would I toss a perfectly nice, clean, useful, pretty ribbon out?” “Geesh!” LOL

They are super duper recyclable, I promise. As crafters, we collect and collect and collect and then craft as soon as time allows. But time has not been one of those things I have had the pleasure to have plenty of (lately), in addition to being sick, etc, etc.

So anyway, if you’re read my last post, I actually made use of some ribbon scraps I’ve been holding on to for YEARS! Yep, YEARS, as in before even my kids were born. hahahah!

I’m compiling a list of the many different ways to recycle and reuse scrap ribbons, so come back again and check it out.

For the meantime, I continue to collect and refuse to throw away these pretty ribbons. I actually have a jar in my craft room for shorter ribbons, the longer ones, I have rolled up nicely (sorta). I so need to clean my craft room.

As I mention, my craft room is upstairs and many times, I get lazy to go up there. On times when I do, I end up killing a couple of hours going completely crazy with a project. The latter is a much messier task so I often do the lazy route and just don’t go up there unless I really have to create something.

So there are times when I just happen to have one ribbon scrap and I’m just too lazy to walk myself upstairs to put it in the jar, so I thought of this idea….

I’d tie it to a luggage (since we keep ours downstairs) or a kid’s backpack. It serves a dual purpose. 1) I have an automatic ribbon keeper until I decide to put the ribbon away. 2) Having ribbons on a luggage increases visibility and uniqueness so it doesnt get mistaken for any else’s.

There you go! My Super DUPER Easy Stray Ribbon USEFUL TIP #1


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Repairing a Book

I’ve been ordering a lot from Amazon.com lately and it’s becoming a bit addicting.

Before I buy anything at a local store or another website, I always check Amazon first.

Having great experiences with purchasing books from Amazon, I decided to order a couple more books for DS and DD for Christmas. I figured, even the used books have never been a disappointment.

Unfortunately, this time, the book I got DD was the complete opposite. Some pages had tape to repair some tears. And further inspection of the book lead me to see this…

Arrrgggghhh…. NOOOOOO!

What was I supposed to do now? This is a Todd Parr book, so I figured, maybe I can fix it myself and make it seem like part of the book.

This is what I did…
1) I cut out a shape to make a rocket punched a circle in the middle to create a frame. Then, I traced the outlines and drew some designs on the rocket.

2) Next I cut a small family picture and affixed it behind the shape cut out of the rocket.

3) Then, I finished coloring and designing the rocket ship.

4) Finally, I attached the rocket to the book using a mounting tape. It looks good and it’s even personalized, yay!

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