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How to care for your hamster

I love hamsters, but it’s sad they only live for a couple of years. The more I had hamsters, the more I got attached to each one.

Hamster Lover

How to care for your hamster:

1. On picking them up- Pick up your hamster from the back side of the head. You can also put your hand palm up next to your hamster and wait for the hamster to go on your hand. Another trick you can use is getting an empty toilet paper roll and let the hamster go in and using that to transfer them from inside the cage to the table.

2. On playing with them- Always play with them lovingly and kindly. Never shake or bang on a hamster cage. When playing with hamsters, make sure you don’t drop them.

3. On feeding them- Always give them fresh water and food. Hamsters love bananas and peanut butter. You can also buy commercial treats like yogurt chips and hamster food.

4. On nesting- So they can have a nice rest area, cut strips of napkin and paper towel for their nest. Change the strips regularly and clean the cage often. Also be sensitive to the living area temperature.

5. On bathing- Have a dish of chinchilla dust for hamster bathing. Some stores also carry hamster shampoos you can try.

~kristine munda

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