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Design Dazzle Blog

As I started surfing the net for birthday ideas for my Sweet baby girl that’s about to turn 2 in March, I stumbled upon this blog…
Design Dazzle

They have amazing party and design ideas for kids. I even found the cutest Tinkerbell theme party on their site.

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I remember when my boss procrastinated on putting together her son’s 3rd birthday party. I can totally relate. I barely finished designing the invitations and half of them have already been given out today. Here’s a preview!

Aaron's Invitation Preview

I just need to print and distribute the rest of them so I can start on making some crafty details. It’s gonna be a little tricky, because I want to make some decorations, but I want to be ECO and not be wasteful. DH reminded me that as long as I make my crafts and decorations out of paper, they can easily be recycled either at his work or mine. Both places have recycle bins for paper. Hooray for an opportunity to be crafty! And another hooray for being able to recycle afterwards!

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My son is turning 3 this coming June.  His party will be a lot smaller this year.  The last two years were pretty hectic and busy, but it should be just as fun. 

This year, we’re gonna do a CARS themed party.  I’ve been thinking of what games to do for the kids aside from “RED Light, GREEN light.” God thing I came across this website, Amazing Moms. They have plenty of party ideas and also party supllies for sale.

I’m probably gonna be using some of their ideas and switching some with some of my own….

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