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For my mom’s birthday, my dad wanted to celebrate it at West Covina. We normally don’t go by that area often, so I decided to plan the whole day around that city.

First, we visited my cousin in Forest Lawn West Covina.

I miss Jeanny so much!

Then, we ate a light lunch at Tapioca Express.

The Mango Yogurt is the Best!

Then, we headed to the mall for a quick stroll.

Finally, we met up to the Elephant Bar for some yummy dinner with the Birthday Celebrant and the rest of the fam bam!



I had no idea our day in West Covina was gonna be great! But it was better than great, it was amazing!

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San Gabriel Valley Day

We normally NEVER go this way, but I figured, its a good day to be experiencing a new area. So we decided to have a late lunch in San Gabriel Valley.

We celebrated my dad’s birthday at JR cafe. Good food and VERY GOOD prices. We were able to bring some leftovers for dinner, even my parents.

Then we searched for this FLUFF ICE place for dessert. It was in this mall called the Atlantic Times Square in Monterey Park.


FLUFF ICE was pretty good. Read my review here.

We also decided to hang out in the mall area and visit a Chinese Bookstore. I was inspired by the beautiful day to be in a different part of Los Angeles for a change.

It was a great Saturday with the FAM, I LOVE IT!

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You have an out of town guest that you get to play LA Tour Guide with? What do you do? Don’t panic! Touring friends and family doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. With a little planning, it can be an exciting experience for you both.

Here are a couple of tips to give them the best LA TOUR ever!

The first thing to remember is to ask your guest what they want to do. Some people like to walk, some people want to stay in the car. You don’t want to plan a trip that your guest will not want to do.

Secondly, try to localize your trip. You can stay in the same vicinity and see several points of interest. This way, you won’t feel rushed into driving all over town.

Third, don’t forget charge you camera. You want them to remember the best time they’ve had with you. Besides, disposal cameras and batteries are expensive in tourist spots

And finally, bring water and snacks. Being a tourist can be exhausting and dehydrating. You want to make sure you’re prepared for the long day of walking and and driving.

I’ve included 3 Local Areas you can take your guest to enjoy a day in Los Angeles.

Take them to the Kodak Theater, Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or not, and the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Photograph the famous Hollywood sign from Hollywood and Highland.

Eat at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles

Rodeo Drive is a common tourist spot. Check the Greystone Mansion if they are open for admission. And the Grove is always a fun place to shop and hang out.

While you’re in the neighborhood, grab a bite at Pink’s Hotdog. For dessert, you can go the Sprinkles for a cupcake or two.

Also, here are more attractions available through the Beverly Hills Website.

Take pictures of the amazing structures and skyscrapers in Downtown LA. You can also Visit the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo or MOCA on Grand Avenue. Olvera Street is a great place filled with history and culture.

Experience shopping at great discounts at the Garment District.

Food is always good in Chinatown. There is a wide array of restaurants available. Some local favorites include The Mayflower, Phillippes and Won Kok. For Dimsum, try the Empress Pavillion.

In addition, a great way to be a good Tour Guide is to:

1) Check for FREE Museums. You can follow a link here for a listing.

2) Try shopping at Farmers Markets that sell fresh produce and unique crafts. Here’s a link to CALIFORNIA FARMERS MARKETS for Local listings.

3) Look into Craft shows as well, they are always fun and will provide an unforgettable experience! Check out Festival NET for an extensive list for available events.

4) Consider the Fads. For example, right now, Food trucks in Los Angeles are all the rave… so might as well treat your guest to this eating experience. Find LA Food Trucks has tweets from food trucks all over LA so you know where to find them.

5) Use Yelp to find other local restaurants, shops and points of interest. Yelpers are kind enough to review the best and the worst. Check out YELP now!

6) Check out local publications like LA WEEKLY for events and happenings in the area.

7) Visit City Websites to find out whats going on. You might be surprised with some events that you’ll find.

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We watched the JabbaWockeez in Las Vegas last week. The show was amazing and the guys were so sweet!


Our Little Jabbas

We also saw Mystere… front row center… thank you to hubby!

Hubby was even “papa” in the show! LOL

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Hubby and I go to Disneyland almost once a year. Aaron went with his grandparents and cousin for the first time last year. And on June 22, we went to Disneyland as a family. And this was Elle’s first time.


Of course everyone has a family picture like this at Disneyland right?

We conquered California Adventure first.

The kiddies met Mickey Mouse.

They had a blast at Toy Story.

Elle rode the carousel with her godmother.

Aaron rode the bumper cars with daddy.

Then off to Disneyland we went and Elle met Minnie Mouse.

I rode the newly renovated “It’s a Small World” with the kiddies.

The kids enjoyed playing in ToonTown.


We also had some bonding time with the Escuadro Family.


They were so tired!

What a great and fun day to spend as a family! Can’t wait to do it again!

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It was Memorial Day Holiday and we were all off. I got some laundry an tv time done, yay!

Then we were off to Burbank. Little did we know we were gonna be spending the whole day there.

First, we attended a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

Next, we hung out and ate @ Ikea.

Then, we were able to catch the 6pm showing of Kung FU Panda at the AMC. $58 for 2 adults and 2 kids 3D tickets? Really? Wow! It’s been a while since we’ve watched a movie. Good thing we had some certificates and gift card. Hubby only paid $1. Woohoo!

Finally, we had wings, salad and Texas toast @ home.

What a DAY! It was such a nice day to be out with the family! Can’t wait to do it more often!

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Softball Game

We attended 2011 LAHSCA Music Departments Softball game (Faculty vs Students) last Sunday. It was at Crescenta Park and we had an amazing time.

Our cheerleader…DSC01411

Our little slugger…

My hubby in action…

They won by the way! The students gave up! lol

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Bowling Time

Doctor’s Appt, shopping (online/offline) and bowling… Oh yeah!

Munda Family
Having fun at Jewel City Bowl!

Using my Sanrio Bowling Ball for the first time!

Playing hide and seek
Should be bowling, but playing hide and seek!

Aaron won!

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The kids love playing at the Awesome Playground. My husband has actually included it in his regular itinerary of our children’s activities lately.

Look at Minnie Mouse and the Red Power Ranger!

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Friday, we enjoyed settling in our room at the Catamaran Resort…

Saturday, we went to the Safari Park.

Sunday, we attended church at ICC, went to Peter Piper Pizza, the park and hung out with family.

Monday, we tried Babycakes Cupcakes and they were delish!

Then the kiddies played at the park and we crossed the street to the New Children’s Museum in Downtown SD.






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