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The kids are currently obsessing on Squinkies. I bought DD a set coz she’s been so good lately.

I was looking for a good deal on a boy pack of Squinkies for DS, but they weren’t on sale and the selection at Target was limited. So I purchased him a set of GoGos.

This reminds me of tiny little figurines i use to collect 10 years ago… the Homies! LOL

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Photo Booth Fun

I like finding out all the neat stuff my computer can do, including this awesome Photo Booth =)

with Hubby

Happy Mommy with Kiddies

with kiddies

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In the next few days, I’ll be introducing some of my newest favorite snacks that I can’t get barely enough of. I’m starting off this series with Goldfish Smores.

We found this at Walmart the other day and I had to pick up a new bag today. The Goldfish Smores . They have graham goldfish, chocolate cookie goldfish and fish shaped marshmallows. They are the yum-diggity!

goldfish smores

goldfish smores

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The first time we sad Dance Heads was when we went to Las Vegas a few years ago, now that we have two kids, we finally gave in…lol

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Cereal on the Go

It’s been nice being able to bring lunch to work at least 2-3 times a week. On Mondays and Fridays, I really don’t bother bringing anything because that’s DH’s and I’s lunch date days. We’ve been alternating between 3 places normally since I only have an hour lunch. Sometimes, he brings me lunch and we go to the park for our date.

The easiest lunches for me to bring to work are either leftovers or my Wraps with ham/cheese or chicken/tuna salad. But lately, I’ve been craving cereal at work. Then I realized that I have this little handy container at home and I love it.


I got a green one from the container store for $4.99, now they’re on sale for $3.99. It comes with a container for the cereal with a folding spoon inside the lid. There’s a compartment that twists on the bottom that has a gel around it to keep the milk cold.

Yesterday, I found a pink one from Ross for $2.99. Now we have two, so the kiddies each can have one when we travel.

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So I’ve been looking for a fun present for DH for Father’s day, an then I came across this hunk of a tool…

A Giant Swiss Army Knife
It has 85 tools that you can use for over 100 functions. You can get one for under $1000 at Thinkgeek.com.

Okay, I guess I can’t afford such an expensive present, but wow!

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It was a lazy morning. I really didn’t feel like getting up, but it’s quite difficult to get back to sleep when you have small kiddies jumping on the bed and talking and laughing next to your ear. So I gave in and finally got up at about 9:40 AM.

We’ve been going through this whole “organizing mode” and we absolutely need to get the kids’ room organized. We have so much stuff and not enough room. We often joke about just buying a big house and our storage problem will go away. Well, that is always an option, or at least renting a house. But right now, it’s not the smartest option for us. So, we’re gonna make do with what we have and try to come up with an room organizational plan.

As soon as DH got up, we headed for IKEA. There were shelves that would fit our plan perfectly. And as it turns out, the same shelves were on sale just today, yay!
Instead of the regular price of $89.99, they were on sale for $49.00.


An of course, what’s a trip to Ikea without a trip to the Restaurant. Yup, we enjoyed our $7.99 Beef Rib Meal. The kids enjoyed playing in the rooms, more so, the boy’s room.

I saw the cutest patio furniture and I wouldn’t mind getting it.
The Smido line. This is the link to the bench with a backrest, the table, and the regular bench. But I’m a little worried about strangers hanging in front of our place. Maybe I need a guard dog, lol!

So now we’re home. I’m watching the kids play outside while DH puts the shelves together…I’m sooo excited!

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Penguin Slippers

It was a bit chilly today. It gave me the perfect reason to wear these guys around the house today! Courtesy of my Sis in Law, Thanks Mel!


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Work Sugar Rush

So, as it turns out, this past week was National Customer Service Week. 

The management team has been trying to encourage us to provide the best customer service  possible, by bribing us with sweets.

They’ve been labeling them with cute , smart and funny slogans. The Lifesavers candy the other day said, “Thanks for being a HOLE lot of fun!”

Anyway, I was finally introduced to a candy bar I’ve never had before, MOUNDS.  This is the best. It tastes like the SAMOAS <— you know, the best Girl Scout Cookie ever! Yum-o! 

I guess this is one candy I won’t be ignoring from now on =)

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Ikea Love

I wish I was more into decorating. I fell in love with the most comfty chair ever. I saw it at Ikea when DH and I went last Friday. It looks wonderful and feels great!

white chair

It’s called the EKTORP TULLSTA. Too bad DH didn’t let me take it home with us. He said there was no place for it in the living room…. Now, I want a house. lol. Just kidding!

But anyway, Ikea is the best! I think the people who came out with the concept of Ikea is genius. They must have sociologists and psychologists for consultants. I mean the atmosphere is catered for the family to want to stay at the store. They make sure that the family can bring their kids along. They’ve set up the rooms so beautifully for display. The furniture is affordable and they figured that people don’t mind spending less even if they have to assemble it themselves. The marketplace is right next to the cashier for easy access. And my favorite, affordable and yummy food. By the way, this weekend, they’re serving free breakfast! woohoo!

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