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Do you wonder about how to teach your preschooler to write their name, but have to do much dots so they can follow and draw over them?

Well, I was going to do the same thing but thought it was too much work, LOL!

I figured that all my preschooler needs is something that she can follow really, and nobody said it had to be dots.

I looked at their art and craft supplies and saw a highlighter. Then I realized I can use it. I can write the letters with a highlighter. It’s bright and attractive and she can draw over it just like the dots.

Of course I had to sit next to her to teach her which direction to start drawing her lines. It may be no dots, but hey, it worked for me!

My baby practicing to write her real name #handwriting #erin #writing #name

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Stains out FAST

When I looked up the ceiling of my car, I noticed some stains that looked like chocolate milk splatter….errrr

I can’t believe I haven’t looked up there sooner. I wish I have. Thank goodness that DH had some Woolite OxiClean Stain Remover handy.


At first I was a little worried if they would even come out at all considering who knows how long those stains have been on there. But I gave it a shot anyway… and thank goodness, the stains were gone! WOOHOO!

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Toddlers are often difficult to convince to do anything that’s good for them. And brushing their teeth is just as hard.

Here are a few tricks you can use to encourage your little one to enjoy her toothbrushing experience.


1. Make it a routine- Do it as a part of your getting ready in the morning or going to bed routine.

2. Do it as a family- Brush your teeth together to show her you enjoy brushing your teeth.

3. Get a fun toothbrush and cup- You can pick one in her favorite characters to always grab her attention

4. Make up a toothbrushing song- Everything’s more fun when you put it in a song.

5. Use a second toothbrush- Give your toddler a toothbrush while you brush her teeth with the other one. —This is my favorite trick of them all

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When you become a parent, don’t you ever wish all the products you buy or own have the following labels,tags and guarantees?

100 % Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Warrantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And here are a few I’d like to see in the near future
“Unbreakable”- For all those electric gadgets the kiddies get to and for one reason or another find a way to break

or better yet, maybe… “INDESTRUCTIBLE” is a product more for me lol

“Non-tearable paper”- For my beautiful scrapbook paper and magazines that end up in small pieces everywhere.

“Stain Proof”- For my kids clothes and my clothes, my poor work clothes

“Caffeine Free Chocolate” – To satisfy my chocolate craving without having to stay up all night.

“Self Cleaning Carpet” – So I can stop freaking out every time something spills on the carpet.

“1 year exchange/return policy”- For those toys and clothes purchased a while back but put in the back of the closet and they’re too old to use now.

That’s it for now…you have any you might wanna add?

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Parenting Lessons

Never give your child anything you mind getting broken, dirty, lost or put in their mouth.

A house with children is an eternal obstacle course.

In parenting, imagination and patience is a MUST.

Love is giving your child the last bite of your favorite treat.

Understanding baby and toddler talk is a SKILL!

It DOES take a community to raise a family.

Putting Christ in the center of your parenting will help you be better parents.

Silence is GOLDEN…

…But SLEEP is more precious than gold.

Be prepared for anything.

Consistence is ideal, but a valuable explanation works just as well.

No two children are the same.

And this last one is something I had to deal with before DD came out…
…It is possible to love all your children equally.

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a missionary. I wanted to build low income housing for the poor and provide meals for the hungry. I’m glad I’ve been exposed to the ministry as a teenager and I have so many people to thank for guiding me and being such a wonderful role models.

I also thought being a Psychologist would be awesome. Imagine getting paid to listen to other people ramble about their thoughts and feelings. Or maybe being a Guidance Counselor to be able to help people out with their problems. Then I realized how emotionally attached I can become and decided not go close to either route.

During my senior year in highschool, I started having the opportunity to work in Preschools. Being a Teacher’s Assistant at 17 wasn’t such a bad gig for a first job. Kids are fun and interesting and I enjoyed every opportunity to teach children.

I’ve always assessed my strengths and weaknesses (but mostly strengths) in figuring out what I would like to do as a career. Its fun to plan, but God’s in control of our lives so we’re always open to other doors of opportunities that may come our way.

So last night, I decided to go over my weaknesses and figure out what cool careers I may be losing on. These are my Top 3 Jobs I wouldn’t do so well on:

1. Radio Sports Announcer- One, I’m no expert on the rules of sports, so I wouldn’t be able to describe the events coherently to the people over the radio. Second, I scream when I get excited and that’s probably all what the audience will end up hearing, That an an occasional “Noooo!” or “Yaaaay!” lol

2. Cartoon Voice Over Actor- I’re tried and I’ve been told. I cannot. I repeat… “I cannot” do voices. My accents are all the same. There’s no way telling the difference between my british, my french, my italian, my irish and my indian accents. Grrrr.

3. A Gardener- I’m one person who can kill both a water plant and a cactus plant (the two most low maintenance plants ever). We only have two plants now. One is our fake ficus inside our place and our calamansi tree (who just won’t die). We don’t even water it. I don know what’s keeping it alive.

So now what is your top 3?

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Being a parent has thought me a few very important things. And I’d like to share some that may come in handy especially when you’re out in public. It’s not easy, but we can only to be better each time we go out, right?

First of all, you “always have to be prepared.” Always bring wipes, paper towel, a drink, a snack and a jacket in the car. The worst thing is to have to come home or drive by a store when you’re already stressed or tired.

Next, you have to “plan ahead.” It’s very important to map out your activities for the day to make it the least stressful yet productive outing that you can. A good example is planning a play date after a nap to avoid grumpy kids.

Talking about planning ahead, it’s also helps to have a “plan b.” Things almost never turn out the way you want it to be, so it’s best to be prepared. For example, if you plan to go to the Zoo and then it rains, make sure you have a back up plan.

“Consider going to the bathroom.” Make sure you make your child use the restroom or change your baby’s diapers before you leave the house. It can be stressful to have to stop driving or looking for a place for a child to use the restroom when you’re driving on the highway or at a place that may not have any restrooms available.

“Set some ground rules.” It doesn’t matter if your child is 9 months or 9 years old. Make sure you discuss appropriate/acceptable behavior and the reason why. Children are like sponges. How will they know unless you tell them?

“Stick to your guns.” Be prepared to be tested by your child. Children are so different in public. If you tell them that you will leave the store if they start throwing a tantrum, then make sure you keep your word. This is the only way they’ll understand that you mean what you say.

“If your child chooses to misbehave or disobey in public, be ready to set them aside and talk to them.” Being out can cause your child to act up because they’re out of their normal routine. It’s important to let your child know that you’re still responsible for them and that you’re paying attention to what they’re doing, both good and bad.

For more tips, check out:

Tips on driving a car with an infant

and Going out even with a toddler

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Shapely Sandwiches

One of the creative ways we’ve used to encourage our son to eat is to make the sandwiches in different shapes.

On special occasions, I use cookie cutters, like this heart shape for example.


But most of the time, I just give him 3 options; a square (which is two slices on top of each other), a rectangle (one slice of bread folded) or a triangle (one slice of bread folded diagonally).

It’s amazing how excited he is to get the shape he asked for and how eager he is to eat it. =)

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Here are a few updates from the long weekend.

1. My patience was tested, and I failed miserably =(

2. It was so cold, I was almost tempted to order a SNUGI, lol.

3. I was difficult to get up and go to work, but I’m glad I have work.

4. I realized how easy it is to take other people driving for granted, when it’s not you behind the wheel — especially when it’s pouring on the freeway. (Thank you Honey!)

5. I’ve forgotten how nice it is to have a meal alone with hubby, without the kiddies.

6. My first painting EVER… sold yesterday to benefit and orphanage in Mexico.

7. Elle’s almost one….It’s time to get crankin for her party!

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These are tough times, and everyone is trying to stretch their budgets, but it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp out on celebrating with your Valentine. Here are a few ideas on celebrating without breaking the bank.

1. When going out for dinner, go at “off peak” hours. Try brunch or lunch. And make sure you scope the local restaurants for special deals. Go through local magazines, mailers, etc.

2. Make your own Valentine’s card. Instead of buying one, grab a pen, cardstock and some markers. Draw a big heart on the outside and write how you feel on the inside. It’s more personal and it will save you a few bucks as well.

3. Eat in. Cook for your valentine. Try to recreate your favorite restaurant food at home by looking for the recipes online. Or if you absolutely prefer the food from the restaurant, order it to go. You can save money from the drinks, dessert and tip.

4. Rent a movie. Many movies can now be rented for one dollar. Pick a classic or something that shows your love story. Make sure you have plenty of snacks.

5. Agree to a gift maximum. It’s okay to give each other presents, but discuss the amount you can spare in your budget, and stick to it!

6. Make a homemade Valentines gift. Make a music cd, a slideshow, a homemade movie, a scrapbook or even a cake for your special someone.

7. Split a meal. Talk about being economical and romantic at the same time. Enjoy each other’s company and share wonderful food together.

8. Read poetry. Hang out at a bookstore and pick a poetry book. Read to each other as you sip your favorite coffee or frappuccinos.

9. Say I LOVE YOU. Many times, we get caught up with the hustle and bustle of this Hallmark holiday. Don’t forget to tell them you love them and why you do. It’s that simple!

Whatever you do, just have fun! And remember, things are exactly that, just THINGS! Moments are more precious!

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