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The kids were so excited to do collages today…

Here’s the MESS during the process…

DS’s finished Collage…

DD’s finished Collage…

Here are the kiddies with their finished work…

I love it when they get excited with the simple things in life =)

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Crayon Resin Art

Today I had the privilege to spend the entire day with my DD.

We watched a Princess Barbie movie that I actually liked. The moral was “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

She was so looking forward to doing arts and crafts so I decided to do crayon resin art with her.

Typically, with crayon resin art, you would ask the child to use a white crayon to draw anything on a white sheet of paper.

Next you would have the child use watercolor to paint over the paper to reveal the drawing.

This time, I decided to do a game with DD. I drew different objects and our names on the paper with white crayon. Then, I asked DD to paint over the paper to start revealing the pictures. She was so excited to see each one of them appear like magic.
Playing crayon resin coloring game with Elle

This is one activity I have to definitely do again.

Aaron made his own with drawings of none other than… Angry Birds! =)
Crayon resin art

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DIY: Bottle People

Here’s a craft project from recycled plastic bottles:



Empty plastic bottles
Card board or card stock
Curled Ribbon/Yarn

1. Cut a face pattern on the card stock.


2. Take a blank piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise.


3. Cut out a body as you would for folded paper dolls.


4. Have you child draw and decorate the face and body.



5. Tape the pieces on the bottle. Use the ribbon or yarn as hair.



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Recycling plastic bottles

There are many different uses of an empty 2 liter bottle after you’re done consuming its contents.


First things first, make sure you rinse out the bottle and dry it upside down on a dish rack before your project.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the empty bottle:

1. You can use it as a flower holder for a long stem of a flower, like a daisy, sunflower or rose.

2. Turn it into a coin bank. Cut a slit on the bottle to fit your coins.

3. Make them into Bottle People. Instructions posted here.
4. Turn them into music shakers. Fill them with different objects like pasta, beans or rice. Cover tightly and seal shut to make sure the contents don’t spill.

5.They can also be used as sensory toys for children. Fill each bottle with a different item that can be used for sensory learning. For example; colorful pompoms, small bells, metallic paperclips, fluffy feathers or shiny marbles. Just make sure the cover is sealed tight to keep the objects in the container while your child shakes the bottle back and forth.

6. You can also turn them into handmade bowling pins. Just line them up like a pyramid on the floor and have your child roll a ball to knock them over.

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DIY: Fuzzy Pen Holder

chenille pen holder

Empty soup can
Chenille stems
Sand Paper

pompom flowers


1. Clean and dry soup the can. (I prefer the pop-open kind to avoid uneven sharp edges). Sand any sharp edges and set aside.

2. Wrap the can with chenille stems. Attach stems to each other by twisting one end of a stem to another.

3. Glue the pompoms on the can and decorate. (I use glue dots instead of regular glue because it’s less messier compared to liquid glue).

aaron with project

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