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I started a Scleroderma Blog that has all the details of how this disease has quickly affected our lives in the last few months.

You can check it out here

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Ever heard of Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

It’s a condition that restricts blood flow to the fingers, toes, ears and nose are during cold temperature.  

I have Raynaud’s for the longest time and didn’t realize it, until now. I’m trying my best to deal with this condition to make my days much more tolerable. It’s very difficult to be always cold when everyone else don’t feel the same.  

I decided to make a little list of keeping warm when you suffer from Raynaud’s.

1) Have gloves handy, ALL the time!

2) Wear 2 pairs of socks

3) Use thin sweaters for layering

4) Wear scarves

5) Soak your feet in warm water often


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A week and a half ago, I was diagnosed with Scleroderma (Systemic Sclerosis)


I have to admit, the first couple of days were filled with so much emotional distress. I was confused. I had a million things going on inside my head and I didn’t know where to start.

The thought of not seeing my children grow up scared me the most. Will they remember me? Will they remember how much I love them?

As the days went by, researching about my disease and learning more about it has brought us more hope than fear. It also allowed for us to figure out things that we need to cope and live a life with Scleroderma.

I have the most wonderful husband in the world. He hasn’t stopped learning about my disease from the time we found it. He takes care of me and makes sure that my days are easier. I can’t imagine anyone else loving me this much and going through this with me other than him. I’m glad he’s been a rock during this time. He makes me happy.

My family has been amazing! Friends have been so supportive. I’ve never felt this much love ever! Encouragement and prayers keep coming and God’s peace is overtaking my anxieties.

There is so much to do, and with God’s leading, I’ll do what He wants me to accomplish even with this challenge. =)

And as far as my initial fear about my children growing up, well, I’ve realized that God has allowed me to be a part of their life up to this long and since only He knows how long we all have left to live, it’s my responsibility to make an impact in the lives of my children every waking moment. I have to make sure that I show them love in everything I do, because everything else outside of that is in God’s hands.

Being reminded of how short life maybe, I’m learning a couple of things…

to Slow Down and Don’t Worry, because God has everything under control
to Learn Humbly, because God wants us to rely on Him to get the job done right
to Do Everything in love, because we can touch others people’s lives when we do
and to Focus on the things that matter the most, because it’s better to get one important thing done as opposed to several things that don’t mean anything at all.

This is my picture on my first chemotherapy treatment.
First day of chemo

I wasn’t sure how people normally look like going through chemo, but at this time, I have so much peace in my heart that I couldn’t help but smile =)

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What a draining day!

I finally got to see my new doctor today. And $134 later, I came out with new meds, 2 of which are steroids. That alone was quite a shocker. I didn’t expect to spend over a hundred dollars with one doctor’s visit. But I had to keep reminding myself it’s not that bad. Anything to get my asthma managed, right?


Now I have to take an oral steroid for 7 days and Qvar 2x a day, plus my Flonase 2x a day. Then I still have my inhaler and allergy med when necessary.

So after I reviewed my receipt for the 3rd time, I was hoping to feel some sort of immediate relief for my asthma. But I guess I was being too optimistic. The doctor did tell me it’ll take a couple of days to feel any relief. Arrrgh!

And to top it off, I just had one of my most exhausting COUGH sessions this evening. The hubby said I coughed for about 10 mins. No wonder my head hurts! I hope my new meds help me soon =(

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I don’t really like coffee.

The only time I’ve ever drank coffee straight is when I had to when I was a kid once and didn’t have any other options since it was the only drink available to keep me from choking on my food.

As an adult, I’ve managed to drink coffee with my fraps or desserts. But I prefer not to. I will choose chocolate over coffee anytime. =)

I’ve heard of people bouncing off the walls and I’ve seen co-workers acting weird after having so much coffee. I guess that’s what too much caffeine can do to you.

Recently, I started taking Excedrin for migraines. DH warned me to make sure I only take one dose a day because it contained caffeine enough for 1 cup of coffee. Interestingly enough, just the other night he stayed up till 5 am after taking Excedrin.

Anyway, it got me thinking, I wonder if it’s the caffeine in Excedrin that makes your migraines go away. Because if that’s the case, then should I just get a caffeine alternative if I have a migraine and don’t have Excedrin available?

So I started reading about it. As it turns out, too much caffeine in itself can even trigger migraines, along with other triggers such as hormones, stress, lack of sleep, etc.

After some research, I found out that Excedrin contains caffeine, acetaminophen and aspririn that all work together to relieve pain and improve blood flow. It is advised to avoid taking other caffeinated foods and drinks when using the drug.

So, in conclusion, CAFFEINE by itself is not a treatment for migraines. It just so happened that it is in Excedrin, Thank goodness I looked it up. =)

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I remember when I was pregnant with our first born and I thought that drinking Jamba Juice was so healthy. Then, my OB GYN told me there’s like hundreds of calories just in that one drink, and then it made me think, hmmmn.

So I decided to do a bit of investigating on some of my favorite drinks and this is what I found out…

From Starbucks I like The Double Chocolatey Chip Frappucino, (16 oz) with whipped cream has 510 calories. No whipped cream has 400 calories .


From Baskin Robbins I like the Chocolate Blast (16 oz) with whipped cream has 450 calories.

and in smoothies

From Jamba Juice I like the Mango Agogo (12 oz) has 232 calories. (Converted from a 16 oz with 310 calories)


From Robeks I like the Mahalo Mango (12 oz) has 174 calories

So, my conclusion is to pick your drink wisely, enjoy it and try to burn it off afterwards. =)

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I’m including a separate tab on top for
“The Baby Gender Calculator”

For now, you can click here.

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This is a repost for my sister in law who requested a link… here you go Reyna…

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It’s been about 3 weeks now since my last treatment for Physical Therapy. My arms and wrists are recovering well from my CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Although my sessions with PT were quite relaxing, I don’t look forward on going back anytime soon. Having carpal was very painful and I didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t able to play with my children as much. I’d rather be well. And as of now, I’m a lot better!

One good thing that came out of me having CTS is that it taught me a few things:

1. Don’t work too hard- We can be just as efficient without having to strain ourselves. Light strokes on the keyboard will work just as fine.

2. Take hand breaks- It’s easy to take resting our hands for granted. But by doing so, we take the risk of hurting them. A few minutes of stretching every hour or so is all it takes.

3. Be mindful of sleep positions- Bending our wrists when we sleep is one of the things that cause irritation. It’s very important to keep the arms and wrists in a straight position during sleep to avoid straining.

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I wasn’t able to breastfeed DS long enough, I wish I did. I’ve always heard that breastfeeding keep babies less sick compared to the formula only fed babies, but I’m not sure if his asthma was triggered as soon as he stopped breastfreeding at 3 months.

This time, it was a lot easier to breastfeed DD. I’m happy to say that at almost 6 months, even though she takes in formula and some solids, she still drinks breast milk. I like the fact that I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to make her a bottle. I also like it that I don’t have to pack her a lot of milk of bottles when we go out, since I’m her milk supply anyway. =)


Aside from the convenience, I’ve also listed a few other benefits of breastfeeding. Feel free to read on.

1. Health Benefits. Breast milk contains special lipids such as RHA and DHA that helps in brain development. Also, read this article saying that laughing before breastfeeding helps lessen allergies of babies.

2. Bonding Time- Breastfeeding is a special time for a mother and a child to bond together. It’s such a joy to be breastfeeding and then have your child look up at you and smile.

3. Relaxing Time- Breastfeeding gives an opportunity for the mother to go to a more secluded area and feed. Since it would be difficult to do anything else while feeding, it’s best to just close your eyes and relax as well.

4. Calories burned- A mother’s body can burn up to 300 calories a day when breastfeeding. Imagine not having to exercise to have to burn up that yummy 2 scoops of icecream you had for dessert.

5. Money Saved- Breastmilk is free. Considering how much Enfamil is nowadays, breastfeeding has saved us so much money since we’ve only had to use formula when she’s staying over her grandparents’.

I know some people dread breastfeeding because it hurts sometimes. But if you’re considering doing it, why not, you might enjoy its many benefits.

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