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Sometimes, we get stumped on what to give children for Birthdays. Or sometimes we always get caught up buying the same thing over and over again. The following is a list of other kinds of presents to consider when buying presents depending on the season of the celebrant’s birthday.

cupcake scarf
Then There’s This

Winter Hat
Ear Muffs

bug kit

Bug Kit
Butterfly Kit
Gardening Toys
Umbrella and Raincoat

Yikes Twins

Swimwear and Towels
Water Toys
Beach Toys
Sandals and Sunglasses

Embroidery Island

School Supplies
Personalized Items

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So I’ve been looking for a fun present for DH for Father’s day, an then I came across this hunk of a tool…

A Giant Swiss Army Knife
It has 85 tools that you can use for over 100 functions. You can get one for under $1000 at Thinkgeek.com.

Okay, I guess I can’t afford such an expensive present, but wow!

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God is awesome!

Before I got out of work last night, DH texted me that Aaron’s arm hurts and Elle is having a hard time to breath. Elle’s been suffering from a cold for while now and it makes sense that she might be congested, we gave her an albuterol treatment. Aaron dislocated his arm. He wasn’t able to move it for a while, but it popped right back in after we brushed his teeth before bed. Whew!

They are much better now. So the kids are happy and kickin’ before bedtime… a lot of giggling and sillyness as usual.

Yesterday, I didn’t have much of my personal projects done at work. Although I was able to have lunch with a co-worker and walk over to Dot’s Cupcake along Fair Oaks.


This is the Red Velvet I brought home for hubby to try, which DS ended up devouring instead =) The regular sized cupcakes are $2.75 and the minis are $1.50.

I had the Chocolate lovers, of course. And okay, I can make my own cupcakes, but for a treat, this wasn’t so bad. I got the regular sized cupcake and it was a decent size. I was able to enjoy it without feeling jipped. The icing wasn’t very sweet, which I’m happy about. Also, it was very rich and moist, yet fluffy.

I also picked up some for a few co-workers and they enjoyed it as well. If you order 3-4, it will come in a cute brown and pink polkadotted box. Such a cute little idea for a last minute present =)
Dots, I will be back!

Also, the weather has gotten much better, we’re actually sleeping just with the fan on and it’s actually quite nice. I’m happy!

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One place we’ve always found inexpensive presents for birthdays and holidays is the bookstore. And with that I mean Borders and Barnes and Noble. Their bargain section is awesome. The other day, I bought 3 presents and an awesome Dinosaur book for DS at a great price.

Dinosaur Book

The dinosaur book alone retails $27.00, since it’s the pop up Dinosaurs by Sabuda and Rienhart. I got it for $7.99. The total value of everything I got was $77.00, but all four items only cost me $22.69 including tax. What a cool deal!

I’ll be stocking up on more stuff for the holidays, woohoo! For more Works for Me Wednesdays, go to Rocks in My Dryer!

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Personalized Gifts

Here are a couple of cool unique presents, or even just for your own collections. You can go to the following websites and make personalized items. I think it’s so awesome that you can now do these on your own!

1. My MMs-– This one is what I’ve seen around the longest. People have been using them for party favors using the dates and names of he event. Just today, I saw an add saying you can even put your picture on it. How cool is that?

2. My Fruit Rollups-There are preloaded images available for you to pick and choose from. Then you can personalize the sentiment on the roll up for your special occasion.

3. My Jones Soda- I’ve always been a fan of their soda. It’s very unique how each label is a photo submission from a fan. Now you can order you own 12 packs case with your photo on the label. Yay!

4. Kellog’s Cereal Box- How come I haven’t seen this before? I think this is the most genius way to make your kids not skip breakfast? Imagine, your face in a cereal box, next to Tony the Tiger!

5. Shutterfly Photo Adventure book- There are many websites offering services to personalize a storybook with your child’s info in it. I like Shutterfly’s version better because you can also include the face of the child in the story.

6. Cafepress- I love Cafepress! It’s an oldie but goodie. You can always find something for every topic. Or if you want something specific, make a design of your own!

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Shutterfly is offering 50 FREE 4×6 prints, 3 FREE 5×7 prints and 1 FREE 11×14 collage poster print.
To redeem this offer, visit http://www.shutterfly.com/pampers5.
Use promo code GT04-9YFC-WY3Y-EHRFVX
Offer valid thru November 15, 2008

Winkflash is offering flat rate 8×10 photo books for $19.95.
There are no per page cost. I’ve ordered 2 books from winkflash before and I’m trying to get photos ready for this one.
Use promo code SUMMERBK88
Offer ends September 16, 2008, so hurry.

The holidays are coming. Photo books should make really good presents. =)

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I’m going through an eco lifetsyle makeover, little by little. Since gift giving is also a part of my life, here’s a few ideas for more eco friendly way of giving your gifts.


1. Recycle old materials and use as a gift wrap. Use old posters, magazines, calendars and newspapers to wrap your presents with. You can personalize the gift by decorating it with paint or markers.
2. Reuse containers you already used as a gift container. They can be cereal boxes, juice canisters, tin cans, etc.
3. Wrap your present in another usable item. Use scarves, blankets, towels, napkins, etc. It doubles as another present as well.
4. Wrap your present with a fabric ribbon. Ribbons have many uses, both decorative and useful.

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Mother’s Day is coming up, what an awesome day to celebrate our beloved Moms together in one day. I’ve listed ideas below for affordable Mother’s Day presents for your mom.

$15 and under Gift ideas

1. A bunch of flowers- you can get a nice bunch from local grocery stores like Vons, Ralphs or even at Costco and Home Depot.

2. A bag of her favorite cookies/candy- Find out her favorite type and flavor. You can find them already wrapped for gift giving.  If not, make sure you put a nice bow on it.

3. A beautiful card and balloons- You can make your own card or put a picture in it to make it extra special.

4. A calendar or a gift book- A nice calendar of her favorite things is a great present. You can also get gift books at Barnes and Noble or Borders.

5. Stationery or a notepad- Beautiful paper sets are always available at either the stationery aisle of your local gift shops or stores.

$25 Gift Ideas

1. An orchid plant- Trader Joe’s carry beautiful orchids at affordable prices

2. A manicure or pedicure- There are plenty of Nail Spas available you can choose from locally.

3. Cellphone accessories (if she has a phone)- You can buy anything from cellphone charms to cellphone cases to help dress up her phone.

4. Candles- Everyone loves candles.  Make sure you find out her favorite kind.

5. Sterling Jewelry- Many beautiful sterling jewelry is available at this price range.

$50 to $100 Gift Ideas

1. Bath Kits- Bath Gift Sets relieve stress.  Don’t forget to ask what her favorite scent so you can pick the right one.

2. Floral Bouquets- Many florists offer beautiful bouquets at this price.

3. Food Basket- There are many options available for baskets ranging from cookie baskets to fruit baskets. There’s something for every mom out there.

4. A Facial or Massage- Give the gift the relaxation to your special mom. She will appreciate the pampering.

5. Restaurant Gift Certificate- This is a perfect gift to give your mom time off from cooking and cleaning the dishes for at least one meal.  She’ll love the night out as well


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A few years ago, I saw a magazine enclosure for .99 computer software deals from a website. The only catch is that you have to pay $2.99 per item for shipping (I think). Another thing is that they don’t send you the cardboard or jewel case you would normally get if you bought it from a store. The CD-rom will come in a white paper sleeve. That’s probably why they’re so cheap. But then again, you would normally pay a few extra dollars on the packaging if you bought it from the store anyway right?

Anyway, it was a good deal! I purchased about 10 items total in 2 different occasions. I bought mostly Children’s Software; Reading Rabbit, Math Blaster, Blues Clues, Freddi Fish, VeggieTales. I used them as Christmas Presents for little nieces, nephews, god children, etc. I just purchased some jewel colored cd cases and then wrapped them nicely with gift wrap. Not too bad for a present under $5 dollars!

It’s been a while since I purchased anything from that store but I can’t remember the name of it. And lately, I’ve been wanting to order some more for my son. But today, in my inbox is an email offer from Birdrockfamily.com It’s sort of the same deal. cds are $3.95 and up and the shipping is free. You even get a free cd with your order.

I’m about to place an order now!

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