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Mommy Carnival

Welcome to Mommy’s Homemade Carnival….

Our first game, Roll the Marble
I used a ruler, a marble, a chair, one step stool with compartments underneath and one without and some beads or small toys.


To set up: I flipped the stool with compartments and put a bead on each compartment. I lined it up next to the other stool and the chair. Then, placed the ruler on the chair as a bridge.

To play: Roll the marble on the ruler and let it drop on the stool. The child wins the beads or toys in the container that the marble lands on.

Our second game, Bracelet Toss
I used a bracelet and a couple of toys and containers that can stand up and fit inside the bracelet


To set up: I lined up the containers a couple of feet away

To play: Toss the bracelet across to try and fit around any of the containers. The child gets a point for every time the bracelet makes it around a container.

The third game, Knock down the tubes
I used 3 toilet paper tubes and an air launcher toy


To set up: I lined up 3 empty toilet paper tubes.

To play: Sit 2 feet away from the tubes and try to knock over the tubes using the air launcher toy. (Variation: Roll a ball to knock over the tubes)

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