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Silly and Funny

Yes, these silly and funny children are mine…

…and they make me happy!!!

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Celebrity Sighting

Look! It’s Mario and Luigi at Michael’s! LOL

Mario and Luigi

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Pedi Time

Pedi Time… for the kids….

pedi time

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Monkeys in the MIX

Once in a while, we ask Aaron if he’d like a younger brother, since he already has a younger sister. (Of course we’re not having one anytime soon, maybe in two years) He keeps saying no, so we tease him sometimes and he knows its a running joke around the house.

The other day, on the way to dropping him off to school…

Me: Aaron, you can be a Lion, ok?
Aaron: OK, and baby Elle can be a bunny.
Me: What about Mommy?
Aaron: Mommy, you’re a giraffe, Daddy’s an alligator!
Me: Can your little brother be a monkey?
Aaron: No, I don’t want any MONKEYS in the MIX!

Hubby and I just looked at each other and said, “WhuuuT? Where did you hear that from?” And the reply we got… “I made it up all by myself!”

Ha, Monkeys in the MIX alright! Silly Boy!

aaron's many faces

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The first time we sad Dance Heads was when we went to Las Vegas a few years ago, now that we have two kids, we finally gave in…lol

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Mahna Mahna

I love this song from the Muppets… so silly!

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It’s a Beautiful day?

Not really…
according to DS, it’s a HANDSOME DAY!


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Survivor Gabon—Bye Randy

I had a very rough day at work today. I haven’t felt this anxious since I first started taking calls when I got hired back in 2000. There was so much new stuff to learn and my head’s still spinning.

At least I have last night’s episode of Survivor to think of. It was the funniest tribal council ever! Watch it here!

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When I first came home with my brand new pedicure, I told my DS what it was since he barely sees me do stuff like that for myself. I didn’t want him to be completely naive of girly things because he now has a sister.

The other day, while he was playing on the floor he points to my toes and goes, “What’s this mommy?” I said, “nail polish!” Then he responded, “Ooh, nail polish and this one, (pointing at the white french tip) is Milk Polish! Then gives me a big grin.

On Sunday, we were taking family pictures after the service for the church directory, so I decided to put on some make up to at least look like I had some sleep. Then when we were getting ready to leave, I learned over to help DS to put on his shoes. He gave me a weird look and asked, “What’s that in front of your eyebrow?” I said, “Makeup, why you don’t like it?” He shook his head and answered, “No, it makes you look funny!” *gasp* This is what I get for almost never wearing makeup, I look funny when I do, =P

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