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Tea Party Time

What to do on a Sunday afternoon and the kiddies don’t want to go out?

Mommy sets the table up for a Tea Party for snack time.

Tea party

What was on the menu?
Clementine Oranges
Steamed pork bun
Sugar cookies
Chocolate tea
Lemon Ice tea

The kiddies dressed up and had a great time eating their snack…Mission Accomplished!

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Mommy’s Art Time

I got to work on an Easter painting i wanted i bring to church tomorrow…

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Tea Party Time

Since we’ve came back from our Spring Break, the kiddies have been wanting to have Tea Parties more often.

Today, since I found out I don’t have to go to work today, the tea party was their breakfast.

Here are my kiddies getting ready..

The food…
(Don’t worry, I refilled the “dainty” dishes whenever they got emptied)

Posing #1

Posing #2

Posing #3

Hip-Hip Cherrio!

Have a Good Day Everyone!

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In the next few days, I’ll be introducing some of my newest favorite snacks that I can’t get barely enough of. I’m starting off this series with Goldfish Smores.

We found this at Walmart the other day and I had to pick up a new bag today. The Goldfish Smores . They have graham goldfish, chocolate cookie goldfish and fish shaped marshmallows. They are the yum-diggity!

goldfish smores

goldfish smores

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The first time we sad Dance Heads was when we went to Las Vegas a few years ago, now that we have two kids, we finally gave in…lol

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Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Bros Circus Presents ” Zing Zang Zoom!” We were planning on taking the kids, but our one year old might not have enough patience to sit through the entire show, hopefully next time.

But if you’re planning on going to the performances in the LA area, you can use promo code RADIO to save $7 per ticket. Cool savings!

And if you haven’t done so yet, visit the Ringling Bros website and sign your baby up for a FREE circus ticket. Any child under 1 year old is eligible to receive one, and the ticket never expires. I have one for my DD here already. You should get one too.

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Spending fun quality time with your family doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are a few free events around us that we’ll be checking out during the summer. If you’re in the Greater LA or San Gabriel Valley area, hope you guys can drop by. If you live far away from Los Angeles, check out your local park websites and local city publications for events happening in your area!

Free Music Under the Stars at the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena (starting at 7pm, check website for days)

Concerts at the Park at the City of Arcadia (starting Thursdays at 6pm)

Free Summer Movies on the Green at the Americana at Brand (starting at 8pm on Wednesdays in July)

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Free Online Stress Reducer

Once in a while, don’t you just feel like being online and not surf. Just relax while you’re in front of the computer? Now you can.

Visit jacksonpollock.org for a online painting application. All you have to is point your mouse, click drag and click again. Colors change with every click. Awesome!

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