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Seems like we’re the only ones who hasn’t been to The Boiling Crab.

They opened one in KoreaTown and I was ecstatic since my parents live there. We were visiting my parents this weekend so we figured it would be the best time to go. It was so much closer from them than I thought, it was only 3 minutes away, oh yeah!

I thought they opened at 3, but it turns out they are open at 3pm weekdays but at 12nn on weekends. So we waited for a while, about 45 minutes, but man oh man. The kids we’re so entertained looking at everything, they had a shark head and an alligator on the wall. The bibs were also a hit with the kids, it made them feel cool.

So we ordered… crab legs, shrimp with lemon pepper, a fried shrimp basket, a chicken tenders basket, some corn, rice, fresh oysters and my favorite…. the fried oysters!

It was a yummy yummy experience and eating all the delicious food made me forget my 45 minute wait! Looking forward to come eat there again. =)

the munda fam

daddy and aaron

elle and mommy


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Being Thankful

I’ve always been grateful daily for every single thing that God has allowed to happen in my life and my family’s life.

It’s so cool that thanksgiving falls not too far from my birthday. It gives me a head start on listing all of God’s blessing throughout the year. And I can list the things that I want to accomplish the coming year.

This year I dedicated to being artistic and it was a success. I thank God for daily inspirations to be creative and artistic. The Lord has allowed for me to finish a book I wrote and illustrated for my daughter. The book I’m working for my son is almost finished as well.

Next year, I will be working on at least 3 more books I’ve been thinking up in my head for years and years and years.

I thank God for the continuous inspiration in everything I see, hear and experience. I thank God for my wonderful family and friends who supports me in all my endeavors. And I thank God for his loving kindness that makes everything possible!

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Repairing a Book

I’ve been ordering a lot from Amazon.com lately and it’s becoming a bit addicting.

Before I buy anything at a local store or another website, I always check Amazon first.

Having great experiences with purchasing books from Amazon, I decided to order a couple more books for DS and DD for Christmas. I figured, even the used books have never been a disappointment.

Unfortunately, this time, the book I got DD was the complete opposite. Some pages had tape to repair some tears. And further inspection of the book lead me to see this…

Arrrgggghhh…. NOOOOOO!

What was I supposed to do now? This is a Todd Parr book, so I figured, maybe I can fix it myself and make it seem like part of the book.

This is what I did…
1) I cut out a shape to make a rocket punched a circle in the middle to create a frame. Then, I traced the outlines and drew some designs on the rocket.

2) Next I cut a small family picture and affixed it behind the shape cut out of the rocket.

3) Then, I finished coloring and designing the rocket ship.

4) Finally, I attached the rocket to the book using a mounting tape. It looks good and it’s even personalized, yay!

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Santa Clarita Day

We attended a birthday party in Santa Clarita Valley last weekend, so we once again planned a day around our little trip.

We started the day with a photoshoot with the kiddies.

Next, we went to the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar.

Then we drove to the party in Santa Clarita. We had a great time hanging out with old friends.

The kiddies had a great time at the playground.

It was a great family day! I’m getting used to going out every weekend!

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Club House Sunday

The kiddies were so good at church today. Then we had a great lunch at Krua Thai with some amazing friends.

When we got home, they even let me take a little nap. YES! LOL

Then they decided to create a clubhouse with a bed sheet in the living room.



They had some cookies and a laptop to watch some home videos. DS called it the Angry Birds Clubhouse =)

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Hubby and I go to Disneyland almost once a year. Aaron went with his grandparents and cousin for the first time last year. And on June 22, we went to Disneyland as a family. And this was Elle’s first time.


Of course everyone has a family picture like this at Disneyland right?

We conquered California Adventure first.

The kiddies met Mickey Mouse.

They had a blast at Toy Story.

Elle rode the carousel with her godmother.

Aaron rode the bumper cars with daddy.

Then off to Disneyland we went and Elle met Minnie Mouse.

I rode the newly renovated “It’s a Small World” with the kiddies.

The kids enjoyed playing in ToonTown.


We also had some bonding time with the Escuadro Family.


They were so tired!

What a great and fun day to spend as a family! Can’t wait to do it again!

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DSC01619 by kcmunda
DSC01619, a photo by kcmunda on Flickr.

I love it when they’re bonding!

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I didn’t have dance rehearsal yesterday, so I got to sleep in a bit. But the kids were both recovering from a cold…so that means i haven’t really had any good sleep.

My parents said they were coming over so I decided to run some errands real quick before they arrived. It’s amazing when you get to go shopping and not forget anything co’z you didn’t get distracted by kids….hahahah

The hubby did such an awesome job keeping the kids busy while I was out. They had art with daddy…I’m so impressed!

Then my parents came, i had the chance to just hang out with them. I finally got another picture together with my mom and elle.

with my baby girl and my mom

And my brother, sister in law and nephew also passed by. I love this pic of them with elle.

Using Elle as a practice daughter

The kids had so much fun hanging out.

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I’ve been out of commission as far as the blogging world recently. Right after mother’s day, the kids got sick…

They had fevers spiking all the way up to 105 degrees and down…

It was a long week and took another long week for all of us to recover. But I thank God the kids are back to their own happy and healthy selves.

This is a pix of them being so loving to each other.

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Today, I got to sleep in till 8:30 =)

I made the kids some Banana Pancakes and Eggs.


When they were washing their hands, the kids found the marbles. They were so excited!

loving their marbles

This is another difference I noticed between the kids.
Aaron likes to arrange things in order.

making the pie

As seen here on his Marble Pie.

Marble Pie

Elle likes variety and colors.


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