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1. Buy only things you need- Sometimes just because it’s a sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You’re not really saving if you’re buying things for the sake of saving money on unnecessary purchases.

2. Be creative and repurpose items- Use shipping boxes you get in the mail to wrap your presents. Use cut outs from magazines to use for scrapbooking, making cards, arts and crafts.

3. Pack your own lunch- You will easily save money by buying bulk and making your food yourself. You can also utilize reusable containers and utensils, so you’re not only saving money but the environment as well.

4. Be a smart shopper- As much as possible, don’t pay full price for items you need to buy. Use coupons, comparison shop and do your research before you buy.

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Expenses of a newborn

Having our newborn is a wonderful blessing. ¬†Elle can actually sleep up to 5 hours straight at night even she was barely a week old. She’s turning 3 weeks old this week and she’s staying with the same pattern. Having a new baby has expenses to go along with it and so far, we’re doing well. I’m very thankful for the hand me downs from my sister in law. They’ve been so useful. At the same time, we also have most of our stuff from our toddler that we can still use for our new baby. I also thank God that I’m able to breastfeed, considering how expensive formula is. I will continue to breastfeed as much as I’m able to. The only thing that’s proven to be really expensive at this stage are her diapers. This little lady can use up an easy 10-12 diapers a day. That’s about $10 worth of diapers every 3-4 days. It’s a lot, but you know what? It’s all worth it! It’s such a blessing to be able to raise these children that God entrusted us with. =)

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