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Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I thrifted this brown corduroy dress from Goodwill.

Thrifted dress

I’m helping the planet by buying second hand clothing today!

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Here are a few tips to make your shopping either at grocery stores or department store a bit more Eco-Friendly

1. Buy in Bulk- In many cases, bulk means less packaging waste
2. Choose Green- Purchase Eco friendly products such as organic or recycled or recyclable.
3. Use Recyclable Totes- Using less plastic shopping bags promotes less waste.
4. Hand Carry- After purchasing a small item, consider not asking for a bag and just stick the item inside your purse, bag or inside another shopping bag you may already have.
5. Shop Smarter- Plan your shopping trip to make sure you didn’t miss anything and have to come back again later. Driving back to the store will cause you to consume gas again that could have been avoided in the first place.

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DIY: Bottle People

Here’s a craft project from recycled plastic bottles:



Empty plastic bottles
Card board or card stock
Curled Ribbon/Yarn

1. Cut a face pattern on the card stock.


2. Take a blank piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise.


3. Cut out a body as you would for folded paper dolls.


4. Have you child draw and decorate the face and body.



5. Tape the pieces on the bottle. Use the ribbon or yarn as hair.



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Recycling plastic bottles

There are many different uses of an empty 2 liter bottle after you’re done consuming its contents.


First things first, make sure you rinse out the bottle and dry it upside down on a dish rack before your project.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with the empty bottle:

1. You can use it as a flower holder for a long stem of a flower, like a daisy, sunflower or rose.

2. Turn it into a coin bank. Cut a slit on the bottle to fit your coins.

3. Make them into Bottle People. Instructions posted here.
4. Turn them into music shakers. Fill them with different objects like pasta, beans or rice. Cover tightly and seal shut to make sure the contents don’t spill.

5.They can also be used as sensory toys for children. Fill each bottle with a different item that can be used for sensory learning. For example; colorful pompoms, small bells, metallic paperclips, fluffy feathers or shiny marbles. Just make sure the cover is sealed tight to keep the objects in the container while your child shakes the bottle back and forth.

6. You can also turn them into handmade bowling pins. Just line them up like a pyramid on the floor and have your child roll a ball to knock them over.

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Recycling Cardboard Boxes

Packages! We love getting packages in the mail! Even Aaron gets excited whenever there’s a box in front of the door. It’s like getting a surprise each time!

On top of all our boxes from the mail, we also have other boxes from some of the groceries we’ve been purchasing. We could easily toss the boxes out, but we decided to recycle them before we do.

We turned them into blocks to make a a fort. Look at our two pumpkins having so much fun with them.
recycling boxes

Don’t worry, once we’re done, we’ll be using them for wrapping gifts too =)

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Eco friendly packaging material

DH had a package come in yesterday and it had a lot of packing material. I wasn’t sure on how to get rid of them. He said they were environmentally friendly because they melt in water. He said they were natural and are even edible. Okay, I’m pro the environment, but I’m not sure I’d want to eat one, haha!

Some packing peanuts are not as eco because they are made out of styrofoam. These ones are called PELASPAN-PAC NATURAL. It’s the S-shaped packing material. They are 100% biodegradable, contains no CFC’s, reyclable and reusable.

Then I had a light bulb moment, they sell these things as toys don’t they?

Yup, they’re called Foam Struction, prices start at $14.99. You just dab some water on it and they stick together.


Look at our creation, works just the same. And ours was free using the packing material.


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Eco Tips

1. Pull down the windows or just use the fan- When I’m by myself in the car, I’ve been pulling down the car windows. It’s not too hot and it helps me save on using the AC and ultimately saving on gas.

2. Hold off on the heater- When the weather gets cooler, try the opposite. Use blankets and sweaters before turning on your heater. This can save on either the gas or electricity bill.

3. Go Fabric- We’ve purchase some inexpensive washcloths and keep them by the dining table. Instead of using paper towels, we use the washcloths. Once they’re used, they get thrown in the washer.

4. Use reusable grocery tote bags- If you absolutely have to use plastic bags, make sure they get a second use. They can also be donated at some stores who accept plastic bag returns.

5. Repair broken household appliances or fixtures- Fixing a leak prevents water from getting wasted. Fixing broken appliances also means not having to buy a new one.

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I’m going through an eco lifetsyle makeover, little by little. Since gift giving is also a part of my life, here’s a few ideas for more eco friendly way of giving your gifts.


1. Recycle old materials and use as a gift wrap. Use old posters, magazines, calendars and newspapers to wrap your presents with. You can personalize the gift by decorating it with paint or markers.
2. Reuse containers you already used as a gift container. They can be cereal boxes, juice canisters, tin cans, etc.
3. Wrap your present in another usable item. Use scarves, blankets, towels, napkins, etc. It doubles as another present as well.
4. Wrap your present with a fabric ribbon. Ribbons have many uses, both decorative and useful.

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Eco Mommy

Nowadays, being Eco can also be financially beneficial to your family as well.

What a bright idea!
We’ve already switched to CFL light bulbs. CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. They are earth friendly because they contain less chemicals and uses less energy. They have brands that would even last for about 7 years.

How refreshing!
We’ve been using filtered water for a long time now. It saves us a lot of money instead of having to buy so much drinking water for everyday use. We still have some bottled water for going out, but we’ve switched to recyclable water bottles recently. I just fill them up at night and them stick them in the fridge. Another advantage of doing this is that I get to bring more water compared to the water bottle I normally bring.

Plastic Please!
Aside from using plastic water bottles (I’m currently using an old Magic Mountain souvenir cup), it’s also much better to use tupperware type food containers for lunch or snacks. Aside from you being able to reuse these guys over and over, you’ll also be saving money from your disposables.

Scrap Happy!
What do I do with those extra buttons that come in little packets attached to my blouse when I buy them, or those other packaging materials from different things I buy? Well, thank goodness I’m a scrapper. I use the buttons and tags and ribbons for scrapbooking and cardmaking. It frees up the landfill and it helps save some money from buying more embellishments for my projects!

Tumble cycle!
Ever since that broken dryer incident, I’ve become a big fan of hang drying clothes. I’m not saying that I no longer use the dryer, but I’m using it less. I’m using a timer and if they’re not done by then, I hang them dry. I’ve heard from several people that you can keep your clothes (and your children’s clothes) looking new by not putting them in the dryer. I’ve been hang drying my delicates and the children’s dress clothes.

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