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Recycling Ribbons

Hi there! If you’re like me, you probably have scraps of ribbon lying around from packages and presents after each holiday and birthday celebration but never have the will power to toss them out.

“No! Why would I toss a perfectly nice, clean, useful, pretty ribbon out?” “Geesh!” LOL

They are super duper recyclable, I promise. As crafters, we collect and collect and collect and then craft as soon as time allows. But time has not been one of those things I have had the pleasure to have plenty of (lately), in addition to being sick, etc, etc.

So anyway, if you’re read my last post, I actually made use of some ribbon scraps I’ve been holding on to for YEARS! Yep, YEARS, as in before even my kids were born. hahahah!

I’m compiling a list of the many different ways to recycle and reuse scrap ribbons, so come back again and check it out.

For the meantime, I continue to collect and refuse to throw away these pretty ribbons. I actually have a jar in my craft room for shorter ribbons, the longer ones, I have rolled up nicely (sorta). I so need to clean my craft room.

As I mention, my craft room is upstairs and many times, I get lazy to go up there. On times when I do, I end up killing a couple of hours going completely crazy with a project. The latter is a much messier task so I often do the lazy route and just don’t go up there unless I really have to create something.

So there are times when I just happen to have one ribbon scrap and I’m just too lazy to walk myself upstairs to put it in the jar, so I thought of this idea….

I’d tie it to a luggage (since we keep ours downstairs) or a kid’s backpack. It serves a dual purpose. 1) I have an automatic ribbon keeper until I decide to put the ribbon away. 2) Having ribbons on a luggage increases visibility and uniqueness so it doesnt get mistaken for any else’s.

There you go! My Super DUPER Easy Stray Ribbon USEFUL TIP #1


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Ribbon Headband

I made DD this headband last weekend.


I used an elastic headband, scrap ribbons and buttons.


I think it turned out pretty cute.

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The kids were so excited to do collages today…

Here’s the MESS during the process…

DS’s finished Collage…

DD’s finished Collage…

Here are the kiddies with their finished work…

I love it when they get excited with the simple things in life =)

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Crayon Resin Art

Today I had the privilege to spend the entire day with my DD.

We watched a Princess Barbie movie that I actually liked. The moral was “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

She was so looking forward to doing arts and crafts so I decided to do crayon resin art with her.

Typically, with crayon resin art, you would ask the child to use a white crayon to draw anything on a white sheet of paper.

Next you would have the child use watercolor to paint over the paper to reveal the drawing.

This time, I decided to do a game with DD. I drew different objects and our names on the paper with white crayon. Then, I asked DD to paint over the paper to start revealing the pictures. She was so excited to see each one of them appear like magic.
Playing crayon resin coloring game with Elle

This is one activity I have to definitely do again.

Aaron made his own with drawings of none other than… Angry Birds! =)
Crayon resin art

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It’s my mom’s birthday yesterday. I wanted to make her a very special card. I’ve been thinking of making a particular card for the longest time, but haven’t had the chance to execute my idea. I just never seem to get a chance to, until now =)


It was funny how the kiddies were wondering why they were posing with a blank sheet of paper. Then their eyes lit up after I showed them the finished product!

I love this Fill in the Blank card idea. I can also change the words to whatever I want it to say. Oh yeah! =)

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Kids Crafting in Vegas

The kids have been into crafting so much…. everyday they draw, cut, glue, and create something new…. and when I say everyday…I mean everyday! They might actually use up all my arts and craft supplies…LOL.

So, I figured, I need to bring some supplies for our trip in Vegas to keep them busy in our Hotel. The cool thing with the kids is that after they saw the bag of supplies, they started making stuff without me even telling them what to make.

Elle next to one week’s work of artwork wall!

Elle’s Cat and Puppet.

Aaron’s Dog and Puppet.


Aaron even made me and hubby an anniversary card…he’s such a sweetheart!

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I had a crazy week!
And there’s no better way to feel better than spend time with the kiddies.

DS woke up early and I heard giggling coming out of my computer. Turns out he was watching some videos he and DD made with photobooth.

Soon after that, DH came home and DD woke up. DD wanted to do arts and crafts. She knew it was saturday and we normally have Arts and Crafts Saturday in our loft.

But first we had breakfast.

DS made an Angry Pig using a shell, mulberry paper, chenille stem and googly eyes.
Aaron's Angry Pig @ 6 yrs old (in 12 days)

DD made a fairy and a princess using plain paper, mulberry paper, chenille stems, beads, feathers and sticks. I had to help her with the taping, cutting and twisting of stems.

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Painting with the Kiddies

I’m so happy to have a few hours today to work in the studio to paint.

The kids joined me for a bit.

This is Aaron’s work for today…

And Elle’s…

I got to start on Elle’s Fairy Painting. It’s still a work in progress.

Have a Happy Saturday!

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Here’s a Simple Heart Origami to teach kids just in time for Valentine’s Day…

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Caffeine and Creativity

It’s probably the caffeine keeping me up, but this website also got me excited about making cards soon!

Embellish Magazine

Can’t wait for my craft area to finally get done!

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