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My 5 year old car

I got my Civic Hybrid in May 2004. The other day while we were out, I noticed this….

100 000

Yup, 100,000 miles in 5 years! Man, we drive a lot!

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Moving and Driving

This week, I started at our new location in Commerce, CA.


Not only do I have to start driving to work everyday (instead of being dropped off by my wonderful husband), but it also adds at least another 35 minutes traveling time for each way.

I know my drive isn’t even half as far as my other co workers (one girl took 3 1/2 hours to come to work on monday because it was raining), but man, I’m tired when I get home.

I miss being home by 7:25, now I get home at almost 8pm. I miss my hubby and kids dropping me off at work and picking me up and go do family night or errands together. I miss having breakfast with my hubby and with my daughter after we drop Aaron off at school. I miss having hubby come see me for lunch twice a week.

The good news is that he’s still gonna try to come at least once a week to meet me for lunch, yay!

It’s been so difficult finding my way around our new work place, but the drive and time away from my family is the worst part of it. I’m still grateful for a JOB!

So, in order to lessen the craziness of our drive, we have made a decision last Sunday that we’re moving!

We were gonna look for a place in Glendale (close to my son’s school and close to my in laws) to cut us a good 20-25 mins drive back and forth.

Sunday, started looking for a place. Monday, we found an interesting apartment and set up an appointment to see it. Tuesday, we came to see it and signed an application form. Wednesday, turned in a few more needed paperwork and we got approved!

We picked up the keys yesterday and showed the kids our new place! We start moving today!

It’s amazing how things work out when it’s surrounded by prayer. Our move was almost an impulsive decision but we asked for prayers immediately as soon as we made our consideration and we’re now moving less than a week later!

God’s grace is so sufficient!

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Full Service Hubby

Yesterday, after hubby woke up, he bought us our favorite lunch combo from the local chinese takeout place and picked me up from work for a picnic lunch date.

I told him I’ll still need to move my car from the parking lot across the street to the parking structure at work. He gladly agreed to drop me off back at work after lunch and move my car.

But that’s not all, he first filled up my tank before he parked my car so I didn’t have to worry about running out of gas on my way to LA and back to Pasadena this morning.
He spoils me…and I love him!

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For the last two weeks, we’ve been overwhelmed beyond I could ever imagine. We’ve all been adjusting to DS’s new schedule going to school now. And I have to admit, he’s doing so good. His social skills are doing much better and he loves school.I’m very proud of him.

Our DD’s verbal skills are finally catching up to her large motor skills. She’s able to copy certain sentences and she picks up words we didnt even try to teach her.

They did get sick for a while with colds and a cough, but they’re much better.

DH have been swamped with projects and deadlines from summer projects and he’s still not done. Poor Hubby, works so hard. On top of that, school’s back in session, so he’s been busy teaching.

I’ve been on mommy mode lately, cooking dinners almost every night. DH got me a crockpot that I can experiment with. I’m so excited, I can’t wait till I use it this Sunday.

My work’s relocating and there’s so much to think about like shuffling schedules, dealing with driving long distances, possibly moving and most of all, making sure we still all spend quality time with each other.

Our church is having it’s 25th Anniversary and DH and I have volunteered our help. It’ a lot of work and we have to juggle this with all the other stuff going on.

And to top it off, all these calamities happening in the world. For the first time, I have to admit I got a little scared and a little depressed. But after getting it out of my system, I’ve managed to pull myself together and make a plan on how to deal with what’s going on around us.

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Mission Accomplished???

It’s funny,
I used to think that doing the laundry
will give me a sense of accomplishment.

It’s more than just doing the laundry…
I don’t feel accomplished until it’s been laundered, folded
and put away =)


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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a missionary. I wanted to build low income housing for the poor and provide meals for the hungry. I’m glad I’ve been exposed to the ministry as a teenager and I have so many people to thank for guiding me and being such a wonderful role models.

I also thought being a Psychologist would be awesome. Imagine getting paid to listen to other people ramble about their thoughts and feelings. Or maybe being a Guidance Counselor to be able to help people out with their problems. Then I realized how emotionally attached I can become and decided not go close to either route.

During my senior year in highschool, I started having the opportunity to work in Preschools. Being a Teacher’s Assistant at 17 wasn’t such a bad gig for a first job. Kids are fun and interesting and I enjoyed every opportunity to teach children.

I’ve always assessed my strengths and weaknesses (but mostly strengths) in figuring out what I would like to do as a career. Its fun to plan, but God’s in control of our lives so we’re always open to other doors of opportunities that may come our way.

So last night, I decided to go over my weaknesses and figure out what cool careers I may be losing on. These are my Top 3 Jobs I wouldn’t do so well on:

1. Radio Sports Announcer- One, I’m no expert on the rules of sports, so I wouldn’t be able to describe the events coherently to the people over the radio. Second, I scream when I get excited and that’s probably all what the audience will end up hearing, That an an occasional “Noooo!” or “Yaaaay!” lol

2. Cartoon Voice Over Actor- I’re tried and I’ve been told. I cannot. I repeat… “I cannot” do voices. My accents are all the same. There’s no way telling the difference between my british, my french, my italian, my irish and my indian accents. Grrrr.

3. A Gardener- I’m one person who can kill both a water plant and a cactus plant (the two most low maintenance plants ever). We only have two plants now. One is our fake ficus inside our place and our calamansi tree (who just won’t die). We don’t even water it. I don know what’s keeping it alive.

So now what is your top 3?

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Foam Containers

Some plates, bowls, cups and some to-go containers are made out of Polystyrene (foam). And why not? Foam is cheaper. Have you ever gone shopping at Smart and Final and did some comparison shopping between foam cups, plastic cups and paper cups? You’ll see quite a difference.

I on the other hand hand have stopped purchasing foam containers for parties and supplies even though they can save us some money. Polystyrene is non-biodegradable, which means it’s bad for the planet. Another reason I choose to skip foam containers is because I hear that warming food in foam containers can cause cancer.

So, if these articles I’ve been reading are accurate. Then, why are “Cup O Noodles” in foam containers?

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Where did the week go???

Oh, I remember. One week ago I had to work on Saturday, greeted my only nephew Happy 4th birthday and hung out with the familia. Then had a very busy Mother’s day on Sunday, saw the doctor on Monday and I’m so over Candyland from work. On Tuesday, I drove around everywhere and helped out DH for his class concert.

It’s been such an exhausting time and it’s much worst when it’s both me and DH feeling tired. It’s hard to help each other when were both out of it.

Wednesday and Thursday I went to work sleepy and got out of work still yawning. It was pretty bad.

Friday (yesterday), I finally woke up a little better. I guess a little bit more sleep helped. It was such a long and busy day at work though. Then again, busy is a good thing, praise God!

DH picked me up at lunch to take me to the park. We ate, and walked around and got on some of the equipment there. It was some sort of Exercise park with different stations, so interesting. I was able to go on the elliptical, funny. It’s like a free gym, lol.

Then friday night came, I just couldn’t get myself to do anything. I wanted to clean and organize so bad, but I just couldn’t. Still feeling exhausted. Hopefully, we’ve fully recovered by next week. There’s so much to get accomplished.

Well, I’m looking forward to a great weekend though. God is awesome! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as well! Take care!

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Farewell Spring Break

So, I bid my little 2 week vacation goodbye.

I will miss the kiddies and miss being the one waiting for the hubby to come home from work.

I will miss not paying for parking and waking up at 9AM.

But I am glad. I am glad that work is here, still available for me =)

Unfortunately, I was not able to do much at home. We did manage to slip in a bit of Spring cleaning done. Woohoo!

We went through the maternity clothes I wore from our first and decided 98.9% of them will be more useful to others. I also found some clothes from DS and DD’s closet that can be donated. There were a few big bags of donations that left our place and have been delivered to Salvation Army by my Dear Husband.

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Easter 2009

Wow, we had such an eventful past week.

Monday, there was a pre-easter egg hunt for the grandkids at my in laws. Tuesday, I took DS to the zoo with my nieces and my sis in law. Wednesday, we went out for dinner and the mall. Thursday we chilled at home and packed.

Friday, as soon as hubby woke up, we got back to packing and left for San Diego. A family I’ve known for years generously housed us. We were so blessed by their kindness.

We were able to hang out and catch up with friends, visit a Walmart and do what we do best whenever we’re in San Diego… relax.

Saturday, we went to the beach for my friend’s birthday party and DS was so excited. He’s been wanting to play on the sand for weeks now.

On our drive there, he even asked me, ” Mommy is there a lot of sand there?” “Where?” me asking him back. “In Sand Diego?” LOL.

So he dug, explored and played in the sand. Then he flew a kite, hung out with some very funny people, ate great food and found some eggs in an egg hunt.

The party brought back memories of the wonderful times we had when we used to live there and hang out with the church members from my grandma’s church. Every weekend was a party. And every person was really like family.

We left at about 4pm to get back home before night time. The kids slept though most of the ride home. And hubby and I had a great time talking on our drive, as always.

Sunday, the kids, the choir and the Praise Hula performed some special numbers. There was also a moon bounce and a special Egg Hunting for the kids.

After the service, we came to attend an auntie’s birthday party and I had some really good palabok and brisket, yum-yum. Then, there was also an egg hunt for the kids. DS was extremely excited and had fun opening all the eggs he found.

So there was our week, 4 egg hunts, plenty of family time and some wonderful time catching up with family and some very old friends….

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