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I saw this super cute hairstyle from Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and I finally had a chance to do it to DD’s hair.


It’s not super neat (I really didn’t want to put too much hairspray on her), but I think it turned out good for a first try =)


Here’s a youtube link if you want to learn how to do it too…


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LookBook Episode 1

The hubby gave me a project tonight. He needed help putting together a look for one of his artists. These are what I came up with…

The Prom Rocker…
Prom Rocker

The Psychedelic Retro…
Psychedelic Retro

and The City Spotlight!
City Spotlight

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Feeling Girly

I just love newly plucked brows, it makes me feel so girly =)


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This 2010, I will TRY to fix myself up more often. I would love to be made over by a pro, but for now, I’m asking tips from friends and loved ones, and using the handy dandy internet.

Just today, as I was thinking of trying out the smokey eye look, I receive an email from ELF, they have a special deal, get the New Year Look for $10. And thats not all, they gave me a code of 2010 to apply at checkout to get the items for free. That’s right, FREE! You can use it too!

Since I’ve been thinking of ordering more foundation and blush, I decided to include it in my order as well.

My order totaled to $15.95 and that included shipping, woohoo!

By the way, i just learned that ELF has a youtube channel to give tips on putting on make up for people like me who are a bit new on this makeup thing….

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Check out this new shirt from my cafepress shop, “Praise Him.”
Praise Him Shirt

Click here

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Converse All Stars

As I finally had the chance to read through the Parents Magazine this month, the pages were filled with pictures of children in some of the cutest fall ensemble. Their looks were all put together by coordinating converse shoes.


Yes, the old school black, white, red, blue and green are not your only choices nowadays. If you go to the converse website, you have the option to decorate and design your own converse in a rainbow of colors and designs. Prices start at $45 for kid sizes all the way up to $65 for womens and $80 for men sizes. You can even add your own signature on it. Way cool!

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Hair Makeover

For those who know me, I’m quite on the low maintenance side. I normally keep my hair up and barely wear make up. On the days that I actually decide to put lipstick on, my co workers all assume I’m going on a date after my shift. Well, it would be with my DH anyway, right? ha!

Once in a while, I get the courage to put on some make up everyday. I actually tried to have makeup everyday at work eversince I came back from my mommy leave (just eyeliner, a little powder and blush and some colored lip gloss). Well, that lasted a good 3 weeks. I just couldn’t keep doing it, it takes too much time. So, I’ve been going to work pretty plain again. Well, maybe I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

The other day at the doctor’s office, I saw this cool ad for hair makeovers. It’s by Instyle magazine. You can visit it here. You just have to upload your photo and pick a celebrity hairstyle you’d like to try. You can even change the colors and highlights to your liking.

It’s such a neat idea to see different styles from familiar faces. And the best thing about it is that its FREE!

I ended up picking a short Jennifer Hudson hairdo. Now, if I can only get the courage to get a haircut that short…again.

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