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I’ve skipped some very important highlights of our lives in the last few months. Now its time to play catch up.

DD requested a Flower Birthday Party. I saw a DIY pinata in Pinterest and decided to try it out myself. It turned out pretty neat.


Her dessert table was simple with lots of flowers.

Music with Sara performed for the kids

She also did some face painting.

I created some games for the kids.

She had a great time, I did too. I’m glad it was such a Happy birthday for her =)

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I apologize for the lack of update. Let me recap the last few months of 2012 that I have completely missed blogging about.

Okay, let me see…

We attended a Halloween Party at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.

Daffy Duck, Scooby Doo and Bug’s Bunny were there. There were tons of activities for children, things to see and freebies. Even hubby and I had so much fun!

We used our second visit to Legoland and it was so worth it! I love it there!

My Grandma came to visit and the children fell in love with her immediately. I miss her already.

More than ever, I’m learning to be even more thankful of every single thing that I have, no matter how small. It was a great Thanksgiving!

The hubby took the kids to an amazing park called Vincent Lugo Park. The kids had a blast!

The hubby and I got to dress up to attend a cocktail party in Studio City.

I turned 35 and decided to celebrate at work by wearing Hello Kitty for a day LOL

The kid’s watched The Fresh Beat Band live in concert as an early Christmas present.

We moved…

My daughter was the STAR in their Christmas play.

My son received an Academic Effort Award in school.

He was also a hit in his School Talent Show.

We were able to enjoy Christmas in our new home.

The kid’s had an after Christmas treat in Kidspace.

Lion king
My parents took the kids to San Francisco to watch Lion King the Musical

My hubby turned 35 as well.

Hubby was home for New Year’s Eve to celebrate with us, yay!

New Year 2013
We were able to go to see the Rose Parade floats for a close up view on New Year’s Day!

Aaron and elle
And the kid’s made their first Aaron and Elle show for 2013!

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Do you wonder about how to teach your preschooler to write their name, but have to do much dots so they can follow and draw over them?

Well, I was going to do the same thing but thought it was too much work, LOL!

I figured that all my preschooler needs is something that she can follow really, and nobody said it had to be dots.

I looked at their art and craft supplies and saw a highlighter. Then I realized I can use it. I can write the letters with a highlighter. It’s bright and attractive and she can draw over it just like the dots.

Of course I had to sit next to her to teach her which direction to start drawing her lines. It may be no dots, but hey, it worked for me!

My baby practicing to write her real name #handwriting #erin #writing #name

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We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to do more creative activities involving the children….

But I’m inspired right now….
I want to make a little magazine like this…


I wonder if I can actually pull this off, ha!

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I saw this super cute hairstyle from Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and I finally had a chance to do it to DD’s hair.


It’s not super neat (I really didn’t want to put too much hairspray on her), but I think it turned out good for a first try =)


Here’s a youtube link if you want to learn how to do it too…


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Halloween 2011

Here are the kiddies last Monday for Halloween.


Meet Elle the Good Witch and Aaron the Black Angry Bird!

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Amazing babies no more

When I was pregnant with ds there was only one thing we specifically prayed for. We prayed he would be loving.

When it was time for dd, our prayer was for her to be above all else be obedient.

God is gracious. He has given us two of the best kids ever! They are smart and creative and silly and forgiving. For the most part they behave pretty well. They love each other and they make us feel loved.

Lately, they’ve become each others best friend. They look after each other. They play together. They help each other out. They chat and share silly jokes. I love it.

On mornings I need to sleep in, they manage to survive together playing, snacking, watching tv, drawing, going on the computer, etc. They don’t really wake us up unless they want a kiss or it’s really important.

Its nice that they are old enough to care for themselves now, but I’m also a little sad. I miss them being younger. My amazing babies are gone. Now I have amazing big kids.

All glory belongs to God!



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I had a crazy week!
And there’s no better way to feel better than spend time with the kiddies.

DS woke up early and I heard giggling coming out of my computer. Turns out he was watching some videos he and DD made with photobooth.

Soon after that, DH came home and DD woke up. DD wanted to do arts and crafts. She knew it was saturday and we normally have Arts and Crafts Saturday in our loft.

But first we had breakfast.

DS made an Angry Pig using a shell, mulberry paper, chenille stem and googly eyes.
Aaron's Angry Pig @ 6 yrs old (in 12 days)

DD made a fairy and a princess using plain paper, mulberry paper, chenille stems, beads, feathers and sticks. I had to help her with the taping, cutting and twisting of stems.

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Silly and Funny

Yes, these silly and funny children are mine…

…and they make me happy!!!

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Self Portrait

This is a self Portrait Elle made on her Magic Slate!

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