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I was reading a blog post the other day about chores you can assign to a 6-7 year old and I decided to share the chores that our 6 year old has been doing around to help out.

1) Pick out his clothes and put away the dirty clothes in the laundry

2) Put away his and his sister’s dishes in the sink

3) Brush his teeth and comb his hair

4) Pick up toys and put them away in their proper places

5) Prepare simple breakfast like making a sandwich or pouring his own cereal

6) Wiping down the tables

7) Feeding the fish

8) Organizing the shoes

9) Replacing the paper towel and tissue paper rolls

10) Read his sister a book before bed 

What does your 6 year old do to help out at home? 

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You have an out of town guest that you get to play LA Tour Guide with? What do you do? Don’t panic! Touring friends and family doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. With a little planning, it can be an exciting experience for you both.

Here are a couple of tips to give them the best LA TOUR ever!

The first thing to remember is to ask your guest what they want to do. Some people like to walk, some people want to stay in the car. You don’t want to plan a trip that your guest will not want to do.

Secondly, try to localize your trip. You can stay in the same vicinity and see several points of interest. This way, you won’t feel rushed into driving all over town.

Third, don’t forget charge you camera. You want them to remember the best time they’ve had with you. Besides, disposal cameras and batteries are expensive in tourist spots

And finally, bring water and snacks. Being a tourist can be exhausting and dehydrating. You want to make sure you’re prepared for the long day of walking and and driving.

I’ve included 3 Local Areas you can take your guest to enjoy a day in Los Angeles.

Take them to the Kodak Theater, Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or not, and the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Photograph the famous Hollywood sign from Hollywood and Highland.

Eat at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles

Rodeo Drive is a common tourist spot. Check the Greystone Mansion if they are open for admission. And the Grove is always a fun place to shop and hang out.

While you’re in the neighborhood, grab a bite at Pink’s Hotdog. For dessert, you can go the Sprinkles for a cupcake or two.

Also, here are more attractions available through the Beverly Hills Website.

Take pictures of the amazing structures and skyscrapers in Downtown LA. You can also Visit the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo or MOCA on Grand Avenue. Olvera Street is a great place filled with history and culture.

Experience shopping at great discounts at the Garment District.

Food is always good in Chinatown. There is a wide array of restaurants available. Some local favorites include The Mayflower, Phillippes and Won Kok. For Dimsum, try the Empress Pavillion.

In addition, a great way to be a good Tour Guide is to:

1) Check for FREE Museums. You can follow a link here for a listing.

2) Try shopping at Farmers Markets that sell fresh produce and unique crafts. Here’s a link to CALIFORNIA FARMERS MARKETS for Local listings.

3) Look into Craft shows as well, they are always fun and will provide an unforgettable experience! Check out Festival NET for an extensive list for available events.

4) Consider the Fads. For example, right now, Food trucks in Los Angeles are all the rave… so might as well treat your guest to this eating experience. Find LA Food Trucks has tweets from food trucks all over LA so you know where to find them.

5) Use Yelp to find other local restaurants, shops and points of interest. Yelpers are kind enough to review the best and the worst. Check out YELP now!

6) Check out local publications like LA WEEKLY for events and happenings in the area.

7) Visit City Websites to find out whats going on. You might be surprised with some events that you’ll find.

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Sometimes, we get stumped on what to give children for Birthdays. Or sometimes we always get caught up buying the same thing over and over again. The following is a list of other kinds of presents to consider when buying presents depending on the season of the celebrant’s birthday.

cupcake scarf
Then There’s This

Winter Hat
Ear Muffs

bug kit

Bug Kit
Butterfly Kit
Gardening Toys
Umbrella and Raincoat

Yikes Twins

Swimwear and Towels
Water Toys
Beach Toys
Sandals and Sunglasses

Embroidery Island

School Supplies
Personalized Items

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De Stress Your Mornings

DE STRESS your mornings
Having one Kindergartener and one 3 year old can make mornings a little hectic. Hectic is okay, stressful, not too much. The following tips have been extremely helpful to make my mornings run a lot smoother. Hope you can find them useful as well.

1. Shower at night- Showers can take a while, and it has a tendency to cause delay in the morning especially if sharing the bathroom.

2. Layout clothes the night before- This lessens the mess and tossing of clothes everywhere in search of that one matching pair of socks.

3. Check the bags/backpacks at night- Look at your child’s bag to see if they have any notes from school you may have missed.

4. Make sure your cell phone is charged- Nothing can start off a stressful day than missed calls from people you needed to talk to because your phone was dead.

5. Make Portable breakfast (sandwiches, cereal with milk in cups, dry cereal in bags, breakfast bars, etc) Have a couple of options open for picky eaters.

6. Have a Calendar to write down important events- Jot down all school, work and family events to avoid any conflicts in schedule and commitments.

7. Have a pen and notepad close to the door- A dry erase board can work the same way. Useful for posting a quick note to yourself or to another person in the house.

8. Sleep earlier, wake up earlier- A well rested body is more ready to tackle a busy day. Waking up earlier can give you time to relax and put your thoughts together for the day.

9. Have a TO-GO station in the morning- This is where your bags, lunch boxes, folders, mail, etc you have to carry out of the house are located.

10. Have a couple of bags ready by the door- Just in case for those last minute items you didn’t plan on but need to gather and bring with you on your way out.

11. Have spare clothes/ toiletries/ shoes/ water in the trunk of your car- No need to stress about a stained shirt or a thirsty child right when you get to the car.

12. Settle for efficient, not perfect- Don’t expect everything to go perfect all the time. Know your priorities and do them well.

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Toddlers are often difficult to convince to do anything that’s good for them. And brushing their teeth is just as hard.

Here are a few tricks you can use to encourage your little one to enjoy her toothbrushing experience.


1. Make it a routine- Do it as a part of your getting ready in the morning or going to bed routine.

2. Do it as a family- Brush your teeth together to show her you enjoy brushing your teeth.

3. Get a fun toothbrush and cup- You can pick one in her favorite characters to always grab her attention

4. Make up a toothbrushing song- Everything’s more fun when you put it in a song.

5. Use a second toothbrush- Give your toddler a toothbrush while you brush her teeth with the other one. —This is my favorite trick of them all

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Naps….yes pls!


Adults want them, but can’t because we have to work or life is just too darn busy.

Kids on the other hand get offered naps all the time, but refuse to take them.

For the life of them, do they really think that they’ll be missing out on some amazing event as soon as they close their eyes…. I have yet to understand the complexities of a child’s mind.

sleeping aaron

As time goes by, realizing how hectic life is, the more we realize children need naps. We’ve learned that our children get grumpy, unreasonable, hard headed and stubborn when they’re sleepy. And that’s not just an excuse!

When they get tired, they need to nap or else they’ll keep having these outbursts… that then leads to tantrums! And we don’t want that!

So I’d rather them fight me to take a nap, but eventually take them rather than them continually breaking down and driving me nuts whole time, right!

Then again, I can always ask for reinforcements (i mean the hubby) to watch the kids while I NAP in the bedroom! Hahah!

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Rewards With NO Kids vs Rewards With Kids

With NO Kids: Shopping Spree @ the Mall
With Kids: Online Shopping while kids are asleep

With NO Kids: Hanging out with girlfriends
With Kids: Facebooking girlfriends while kids are asleep

With NO Kids: Enjoying a Yummy Frappuccino
With Kids: Enjoying a Caffeine-free Frap just in case the kiddies want a sip

With NO Kids: Staying up late to watch your favorite show
With Kids: Getting to bed as early as possible

With NO Kids: Going out to watch a movie
With Kids: Watching DVDs at home so you can pause and rewind to your hearts content

With NO Kids: Long hot baths
With Kids: Having clean kids after a nice warm bath

With NO Kids: Rondevous with the hubby
With Kids: Family fun Days

With NO Kids: Fancy Dinner Out
With Kids: Warm home-cooked meals

With NO Kids: Getting pampered after a long day of work
With Kids: Coming to smiling faces after a long day of work


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Here are a few tips when planning to travel with the little ones to the beach.

1. Plan to go when the sun is not too hot, either before noon or a little late in the afternoon.
2. Eat a heavy meal before you go, so you don’t have to worry about the kids forgetting to eat or not wanting to eat while having too much fun in the sand.
3. Bring lots of small snacks like fruit, crackers, chips, juice and water.
4. Choose a spray-on sunblock and apply before you leave the car, and bring it with you if need to reapply later.
5. If you think you’ll need a stroller, choose a light one that you can fold and carry along when walking on the sand.

Santa Monica Beach

6. Try to bring at least one tool for shoveling and a pail for each child to keep them from fighting for the sand toys.
7. Use a child sized backpack to put some of your stuff in, so your toddler can put it on and help you carry some of your supplies.
8. Put your baby in a carrier to allow your hands to be free to either carry other things or hold the hand of your toddler.
9. Bring comfortable shoes for the children that they can get wet , remove and put back easily.
10. Know when it’s time to go. You want to make sure that the kids will be napping in the car on the way home.

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Their shirt on backwards, their shoes on the wrong feet, unmatching attire… What do these scenarios have in common? Well, this is probably how your toddler would look after they’ve dressed themselves.

I’ve been there. Trying to prepare their clothes at night so I don’t have to hurry the following day to find an outfit that would match. But for some reason, something always comes up that they don’t always look exactly how I imagined them to be. It might be waking up late from not having a good sleep the night before. Or a spilt drink on that nice shirt right after they’ve put them on. Whatever it is, these are some incidents that has caused me to lose focus and forget things.

I still lay out DS’s clothes and I remind him where they are after he steps out of the shower. Since I have a hundred other things to get ready before we leave the house, I often let him finish dressing himself up. May times, he will put on his clothes just like I would, but other times, he chooses to wear his shirt backwards. He knows which shoes go on which foot, but insists to wear them the wrong way. The other day, he found his daddy’s socks and wanted to wear them to his grandma’s house and thought they were so cool.

For a while, I was still trying to correct him. But then again, I don’t always have the time to keep redoing or undoing his clothes, so I just let him.

As it turns out, it’s a good thing. He likes being independent. He’s proud that he can dress himself without help. This is also a way for him to express his individuality, no matter how silly he might look.

So if you’re like me, just your child some space. They know the right way to dress, just let them exercise their independence. Besides, this means there’s less to worry about, and you’re helping in your child’s development. So the next time you see mismatched clothing on your bright happy child, don’t stress, just give him a high five instead!

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A while back I’ve written a post on how to survive a car trip with a toddler. Yesterday, I was able to drive around just with my daughter to run a few errands without the men. Then it got me thinking, it’s not that easy to be alone with an infant, but it helps when you’re prepared and ready just in case anything comes up.

The following we’ve learned from our own experiences with both children and we’ll keep adding on as they come up. They’re tips we’ve used to avoid long drives with an crying infant, or just things that made our life easier and made our children safer.

1. Install a child rearview mirror. You will need this to see your child often from the driver’s seat without breaking your neck (or getting in a car accident).

2. Pack the car. Store extra clothes, diapers, wipes, water, snacks, medicine, etc. This will make sure you don’t have to keep driving home or to the store for things you ran out from the diaper bag. And it can save you money too.

3. Keep coupons in the car. We get them in the mailer all the time at home and we get upset when we never get to use it because we forgot all about them. It was helpful to start putting coupons in an envelope to keep either in the glove compartment or on the side door compartment.

4. Talk to your child. It doesn’t matter how old your child is. Talking to them while you’re driving not only builds important language skills but it also reassures them that you’re with them. Make up silly stories and silly rhymes. It will make your drive much more fun.

5. Listen to the classics. Turn on the radio and listen to the classical station. Our children also enjoys the jazz station. Classical music not only stimulates the brain, but also encourages early appreciation for music.

6. Use window blinds. One of the reason an infant will start crying is when they get sun in their eyes. There are also a variety of pull up shades that go on the side windows and even on the rear window to keep the sun’s rays away from your child . Another solution is using a thin blanket that can go over the the carseat carrier and over the back seat as a sun shade.

7. Bring a light. At night, it’s a wonderful idea to have a travel light to keep the little one occupied and happy. We use clip on LED reading lights and clip it on the top of her carrier. We’ve also used tap lights for the dollar store, they work great!

8. Put the carseat on the rear passenger side. This make lots of sense if you have only one child. When you need to take her out of the carseat, you are in the curb side of the street.

9. Bring a baby sling. The baby sling not only makes it easy for you to walk around while you’re doing errands. But you can also use this to put your child to sleep.

10. Plan out your trip. Try to pick the stores that have easy parking and clean restrooms just in case you need to change the baby. It’s also helpful to pick stores that allow or for you to bring the carts outside(some dont) to ease you off the weight of the carrier.

Hope these tips were helpful. Feel free to add any more in my comments if you have other ideas. Have a great wednesday!

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